37. Tiffany Blackmon with My So Called Fabulous

50m | Feb 24, 2023

Listen in as Lea chats with fellow podcaster and friend, Tiffany Blackmon, a tenacious and dynamic woman who wears many hats. As a nationally recognized chef, podcast host of My So-Called Fabulous, influencer, cookbook author, mother, wife, daughter, and friend, Tiffany dishes with us about how she keeps things... "so fabulous". The girls are keeping it real here today Y'all.

In this episode of The Art of...

  • Tiffany Blackmon's process around self confidence and sharing her authenticity
  • The joy and rewards of being of service
  • Health Journey with a chronic G.I.issues
  • Using physical exercise as a way to engage in self-loving behaviors
  • Evolving while falling in love with one's self


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Instagram: @tiffanyblackmon


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