46. Embracing Progress, Not Perfection: Navigating the New Year with Self-Compassion: Solo Episode with Lea Fisher

29m | Jan 15, 2024

Join Lea as she reframes the timeless tradition of New Year's resolutions through the lens of self-compassion and personal growth. In a world that often celebrates perfection, Lea invites us to shift our perspective and embrace progress over perfection, urging us to be kind and gentle with ourselves as we strive for positive change.

Lea will explore the importance of self-compassion when setting and working towards our goals, highlighting the power of acknowledging our imperfections and learning from them. By sharing practical strategies and real-life anecdotes, she will encourage listeners to approach their commitment to change with understanding and patience, fostering a mindset of self-acceptance and resilience.

Moreover, Lea will emphasize the significance of regularly checking in on our motivations for change, guiding us to explore the deeper reasons behind our aspirations and ensure that they align with our authentic selves. By nurturing a greater sense of self-awareness, she will empower us to make sustainable, meaningful changes that resonate with our true desires and values.


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