Start Each Day with Gratitude- Episode 107

Season 2 | Episode 107
1h 9m | Nov 15, 2022

The law of attraction doesn't work without clarity. Tune in to learn how to enhance an attitude of gratitude.

1. What does gratitude mean?

2. What hinders gratitude?

3. What enhances gratitude?

4.What we have learned along the way 

5. What resources have helped us ?

6. National Read a Book Day

7. Plenty of Guppies-

8. Her book and business

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 Frenchaire Gardner is a mother of 4. Graduate of Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology in 2002.

Overcoming trauma such as being molested by her father; domestic violence in relationships; homelessness; and mental illness struggles with bipolar depression. The toughest trauma she endures is the separation of her and her children. Despite such pains, Frenchaire remains true to her nature, full of joy and nurturing people. She desires to see folks excel, especially Black & Brown business owners.

Her passion led to starting a business Be And Us LLC that promotes her work and the work of other Black & Brown business owners. Frenchaire acquired a multi-family property which she managed. Most of the contractors she hired were People of Color. She enjoys vending Byat community events, creating, and speaking on podcasts and radio shows. She hosts a global podcast called A News You Can Use Podcast where Black & Brown business owners share their businesses and insights into being a successful boss.

In 2019, she was offered a position in China to teach English. In preparation for her travels, she moved back to her hometown to visit with family and friends. During this time, she discovered her mother to be ill. Canceling her trip to China to take care of her mother.

Exploring all of her talents, she enjoys painting and writing. Both art forms are tools she uses to heal from trauma and pain. In her spare time, she paints abstract paintings with acrylics. She designed merchandise such as notebooks, shower curtains, T-shirts, phone cases, and buttons with her paintings. One of her paintings, “First Bloom” was selected for London’s No Name Gallery April 2021 Issue. She self-published her first children’s book in 2019 entitled Mommy and Daddy Do You Still Love Me Anymore? as an ebook. In the summer of 2021, she released the 2nd Edition paperback and ebook. The book is to remind her children that despite their separation that they are still loved. And sharing that message with all foster and adopted children and adults. In spring 2022 the book won Honorable Mention at The Book Fest in the Nonfiction Family genre.

She co-authored two other anthologies: Amazon #1 Best-Selling Finding Joy in the Journey Vol. 2: Healthy Ways to Find Joy During Difficult Times 90 Day Devotional and the audiobook The Single, Saved Struggle: The Struggle Continues. Published articles in Arts Today Newszine Vol. 5.1 & Vol. 5.7, Huami Magazine and Shout-out DFW.

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