Imagine- Expand Your Horizons-chapter 9 audio Plenty of Guppies- Episode 116

Season 3 | Episode 116
53m | Jun 30, 2023

Introducing "Plenty of Guppies and Other Dating Misadventures" by Zen Ase! This is a book that will captivate and entertain readers with its provocative, transparent, and raw storytelling. If you're looking for a refreshingly mature and enlightening narrative about modern dating, relationships, and self-discovery, then this is the book for you.

Zen Ase, a newly divorced 43-year-old Southern woman, embarks on a journey to find "the one" in the modern dating pond. Little did she know that she would encounter exactly 101 men, whom she refers to as guppies. With each encounter, Zen shares her experiences, providing readers with a rare glimpse into the life of an award-winning artist and best-selling author.

Throughout the book, Zen delves into the intricacies of dating psychology, gender roles, and identity outside of societal expectations. She fearlessly explores her own vulnerabilities, sharing her triumphs and missteps along the way. With poetic verses and passionate prose, she weaves together a story that is both touching and hilarious, making you laugh, cry, and ponder on the complexities of love and relationships.

"Plenty of Guppies" is not just another dating memoir. It goes beyond the surface and dives deep into the challenges faced by modern adults who have loved, lost, and found the courage to try again. Zen's uncensored and uncanny storytelling will leave you hooked, turning the pages eagerly to discover what happens next.

Now, the audio for Chapter 9 of "Plenty of Guppies" is available, providing you with an immersive experience as Zen's captivating voice brings her story to life. So, listen, enjoy, and allow yourself to be transported into the enchantingly unorthodox dating world of Zen Ase.

We encourage you to support Zen Ase by listening to the audio, purchasing a copy of "Plenty of Guppies," sharing it with your friends and loved ones, and leaving reviews to help spread the word about this extraordinary book. Zen Ase's writing is a testament to the power of honesty, resilience, and the pursuit of happiness in the face of adversity.

Don't miss out on this unforgettable journey of love, laughter, and self-discovery. Get ready to be inspired, entertained, and profoundly moved by "Plenty of Guppies and Other Dating Misadventures" by Zen Ase, the best-selling author of "Zennurgize Your Life."

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