"Hustle" is Un-Canceled in 2024. Here's Why.

28m | Feb 27, 2024

“We're not hustling for money—we're hustling for meaning.  When we take a look at how we then approach our work, we have a different vibration. We're vibrating from the feminine. We are coming from a place of fire, of purpose, of making a difference, and making money at it.”

Welcome to the first episode of The Spiritual Hustler, where Jessica Zweig invites you to join her in redefining the hustle for women everywhere. Dive deep into a world where business meets spirituality, and learn how to hustle with heart, purpose, and a vibration of love. Get ready to change the way you work, live, and impact the world — LFG.

Today on The Spiritual Hustler:

  • Reframing the hustle from fear to love & meaning not money
  • The role of women in shaping a harmonious world
  • Moving beyond the constraints of traditional success
  • Embracing safety: healing and rewriting our internal narratives
  • Challenging the notion that hard work must be depleting

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