If I Had to Start My Business All Over Again, Here's What I Would Do Differently

22m | Apr 18, 2024

 “There is a lot that I would have done differently, but I really want to break this down today’s episode into four key tenants, I want to talk about, clients, money, team and you. Because at the end of the day all those things are what makes your business go. Clients equals marketing, sales, lead generation. Team is your business, it is how things work every single day, they are a representation of you. Money is the lifeblood of your business, the abundance to continue to grow and you have to continuously be the best version of yourself possible.”

Today on The Spiritual Hustler:

  • The four key pillars of building your business.
  • Understanding the significance of clarifying your target market.
  • Realizing that your team is not your family, will save you money.
  • The significance of setting your pricing with an abundance mindset.
  • Recognizing that you don't need to oversee every room of your business.


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