My New Book, 'The Light Work' is FINALLY Here!

26m | Apr 4, 2024

"The Light Work" transcends spiritual bypassing and mere feel-good moments. It's about embracing life's dualities—light and dark, love and fear—acknowledging our human journey's pains and purposes. This book invites you to rediscover and unleash your inner light, reminding us that our core mission in this universe is to love, even when we must navigate through pain to recall this fundamental truth.

Today on The Spiritual Hustler:

  • Introducing ‘The Light Work - Reclaim Your Feminine Power, Live Your Cosmic Truth and Illuminate the World’
  • Pre-order bonuses: book sneak peak, masterclass, group coaching, and a launch party on Lionsgate
  • Taking you through the dark into the light of our human experience
  • The movement towards remembering our inherent power, worth, and importance


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