the realities of being a single girlie with Sadie Barnett | ep. 28

1h 5m | Feb 10, 2023

Valentine's Day is coming up, ya'll!! So what better time to talk about what it's like to be a single girlie?! Morgan sits down with her roommate, Sadie, to have an open conversation about what it's really like being single in your 20s. As two girls who have been single for the majority of their lives, they have a pretty realistic outlook on what it's like. Media has really been romanticizing being single lately, especially tiktok -- which is great! & they make sure to talk all about the best parts of being single! BUT they also want to be honest & share how being single in your early 20s (or anytime honestly) can just really really suck. How isolating it can be & how unworthy it can make you feel to be single when your peers may be in healthy, happy relationships. The girls talk about what it's like to try and balance new relationships, find yourself, & maintain friendships all while building a career & starting a life. They dig deep into their thoughts on hookup culture & even cover what to do around valentine's day if you're single. 

Even if you're not single, this is a great listen as it's a conversation that needs to be more normalized being all groups of people!!


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