Passion Guides Your Business Framework with Alex Sanfilippo

Season 2 | Episode 19
32m | Nov 15, 2021

This week we are joined by Alex Sanfilippo, current founder of PodMatch. Alex has had an incredible entrepreneurial career starting with selling golf balls with his brother, eventually leading to a career in aerospace and now in the world of SaaS. 

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Every single entrepreneur has their own unique journey and our goal here at The Real Venture is to share that with our community. This week’s guest is Alex Sanfilippo, who got his start flipping lost golf balls at the age of 10. 

Building upon his experiences, Alex set off on a career across the aerospace industry and is now the founder behind PodMatch. In today's episode we cover a variety of topics including his path to entrepreneurship, his framework to starting a business as well as his tips and ticks for venturing off on your own journey.


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