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The Real Venture: The Community For Young Entrepreneurs

Welcome to The Real Venture Community, for young entrepreneurs by young entrepreneurs. The Real Venture is all about inspiring and supporting our fellow aspiring founders. 

Our mission is to serve as a resource, giving our community the knowledge and skills needed to start their own ventures. Each week we sit down with CEOs, venture capitalists, artists, co-founders and influencers. Whether you are looking for advice to get your startup off the ground or new ways to expand your business, this is the place for you.

The Real Venture is hosted by cousins and business partners, Peyton & Luke Truitt. Both are full time entrepreneurs with multiple businesses in industries including Supply Chain, FinTech, Media and PropTech. Each with their own unique background, including exits from successful startups and leaving behind a successful career at a Fortune 100 company, to dive head first into the entrepreneurial world. 

The Real Venture drops an episode every Monday and Wednesday in addition to a bonus episode every Friday. We want to support you in your entrepreneurial journey so please feel free to reach out on LinkedIn or Instagram with any questions or ideas. Keep it real everybody.


Brand your way to Fame + Fortune with Allie Martin
Show Details32min 45s
How to Leverage "Moneyball Innovation" with Andrew Johnson
Show Details32min 19s
Tristan Pelloux the Chief Pencil Officer at Fintech Review
Show Details20min 40s
Rapid Recap: "The second best thing to do in entrepreneurship is fail quickly"
Show Details12min 58s
Leaders Harness Chaos with Jerry Macnamara
Show Details36min 35s
Rapid Recap: "You Have To Be Crazy To Start A Business"
Show Details10min 47s
Young Venture Club: CryptoDad
Show Details10min 40s
"The second best thing to do in entrepreneurship is fail quickly" with Brian Dovey
Show Details36min 52s
Founder Synergy with Madeleine Nguyen and Janelle Tiulentino
Show Details47min 47s
Young Venture Club: Play Bigger
Show Details12min 4s
Rapid Recap: How to become a NIL MOGL
Show Details11min 47s
"You Have To Be Crazy To Start A Business" With Megan Lanz
Show Details39min 29s
How to become a NIL MOGL with Ayden Syal and Brandon Wimbush
Show Details52min 38s
Rapid Recap: Look For The Red Tape
Show Details9min 7s
Look For The Red Tape with Marion Mariathasan
Show Details38min 16s
Rapid Recap: Passion Guides Your Business Framework
Show Details12min 36s
Passion Guides Your Business Framework with Alex Sanfilippo
Show Details32min 11s
Young Venture Club: Extreme Ownership
Show Details15min 30s
The Identity Transition
Show Details14min 35s
Our Favorite College NIL Deals with Jake Thieneman
Show Details29min 54s
The Young Venture Club
Show Details10min 44s
Rapid Recap: What is an Intrapreneur?
Show Details10min 20s
What is an Intrapreneur? With RJ Grimshaw
Show Details33min 33s
Leverage Your Skills For Good
Show Details12min 30s
Leaving the 9-5 Behind With Peyton Truitt
Show Details36min 5s
Rapid Recap: Master the Elevator Pitch
Show Details10min 23s
Master the Elevator Pitch with Pete Mohr
Show Details20min 45s
Fundraising Guide For Startups
Show Details14min 36s
Startup Guide For Lawyers
Show Details12min 53s
Developing A Real Product
Show Details13min 20s
The Mom Test
Show Details11min 41s
Conducting Powerful Market Research
Show Details11min 29s
Building Out A Founding Team
Show Details11min 33s
How To Build A Business
Show Details11min 25s
What is T2 Venture
Show Details12min 1s
Rapid Recap: Mike Smerklo
Show Details11min 4s
Glass Eater Mentality With Mike Smerklo
Show Details54min 55s
Consulting 101
Show Details12min 17s
What Is Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) Part 2 with Jake Thieneman
Show Details23min 10s
What Is Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) Part 1 with Jake Thieneman
Show Details12min 13s
Rapid Recap: Jason Fox & EarBuds Music
Show Details7min 7s
Sports Build Excellence With Jason Fox
Show Details46min 59s
DeFi Deep Dive Part 2
Show Details12min 37s
DeFi Deep Dive Part 1
Show Details11min 45s
Everything Is A Sales Opportunity
Show Details28min 26s
Rapid Recap: Jeremy Werden & InvestSTR
Show Details8min 22s
How To Invest In Short Term Rentals With Jermey Werden
Show Details38min 40s
Rapid Recap: Think Outside The BOXT
Show Details10min 5s
Think Outside The BOXT With Sarah Puil
Show Details40min 37s
Brand The Moment With San Gabriel Hat Co.
Show Details38min 54s
The Truth About Podcasting
Show Details34min 16s
Blockchain in 30
Show Details25min 45s
Build Your Future With Peter Kalambayi
Show Details54min 2s
Create The Perfect Spread With Emi-Dee Charcuterie
Show Details33min 38s
Fail Everyday With Ricky Carruth
Show Details44min 30s
Adversity Fuels Growth With Jake Thieneman
Show Details40min 22s
Learn How To Win With Tommy Hatton
Show Details40min 57s
We Are Trying Something New
Show Details41min 16s
Starting a VC Fund at 23 With Victor Gutwein
Show Details46min 20s
Protecting Athletes With 3D Printing With PROTECT3D
Show Details38min 57s
2021 IS The Best Year To Begin Investing In Real Estate.
Show Details31min 30s
Is Privatized Financing the Future of Infrastructure?
Show Details44min 10s
How NFT’s Are Reshaping The Music Industry With Krish
Show Details42min 50s
Rebuilding Our Financial Literacy with Bolun Li of Zogo
Show Details22min 28s
Building a Social Media Plan with Austin Food Head's Opi Abeysekera
Show Details36min 18s
Proptech is Changing the Real Estate Industry
Show Details16min 51s
What is The Real Venture Podcast?
Show Details15min 32s