#323 - The Crazy Journey from $0 to $100K in One Year!

56m | Dec 30, 2023

In this episode, together with my co-founder João, we dive into our entrepreneurial rollercoaster with Pod Squeeze. From the ashes of a failed project to the thriving business we run today, we're peeling back the curtain on our journey. We'll chat about the crucial role of user feedback, the exhilarating boost from financial wins, and the gritty details of negotiations and taxes. Plus, we're getting real about the future—do we sell or keep growing? Join us as we share the lessons learned and the unbreakable bond we've built along the way.


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The journey begins (00:00:11)

Tiago and Jerome reflect on their decision to work together and the challenges they faced.

The struggles of entrepreneurship (00:02:05)

Jerome discusses his frustration with freelancing and skepticism about entrepreneurship.

Creating Pod Squeeze (00:06:57)

The co-founders brainstorm and develop the idea for Pod Squeeze, emphasizing the importance of rapid prototyping.

Early traction and pricing strategy (00:09:31)

The co-founders discuss the initial traction and pricing adjustments for Pod Squeeze.

Rapid growth and product launch (00:14:17)

The excitement and success of Pod Squeeze's rapid growth and product launch are highlighted.

Impact on confidence and mindset (00:20:44)

Jerome shares how the success of their business has positively impacted his confidence and mindset.

Financial success and confidence (00:21:12)

Discussion on financial success leading to increased confidence and the illusion of being a genius.

Validation and confidence through business success (00:22:27)

The validation and confidence gained from proving oneself through successful business ventures.

Transition from freelancing to full-time business (00:27:43)

Jerome's decision to transition from freelancing to focusing solely on the business, impacting his quality of life.

Negotiation and decision-making (00:35:19)

Insights into negotiation strategies and decision-making processes, including differences in approaches between the co-founders.

Challenges of transitioning to a product company (00:39:29)

The frustrations and challenges of transitioning to a product company, including tax issues and negotiations with partners.

Frustration with Tax and Legal Issues (00:40:39)

Tiago and Jerome discuss the frustration and challenges they faced with taxes and legal issues for their business.

Concerns about Business Growth (00:43:06)

Jerome expresses concerns about the stagnation and decline in the growth of their business, Pod Squeeze.

Decision to Pivot or Maintain (00:46:27)

Jerome urges Tiago to consider pivoting their business strategy due to the stalling growth of Pod Squeeze.

Debate on Future of Pod Squeeze (00:52:55)

Jerome and Tiago discuss the options of either selling Pod Squeeze or maintaining it as a steady stream of income, and the possibility of starting a new project.

Reflection on the Year and Future Plans (00:54:26)

Tiago and Jerome reflect on the challenges faced during the year and express uncertainty about their energy for building something from scratch in the future.

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