Wannabe Entrepreneur

A podcast about a developer that is trying to bootstrap his own projects and is interviewing other entrepreneurs along the way...

I hope that my lessons help other developers bootstrapping their companies and startups!

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#171 - Burnout
Show Details26min 44s
#170 - Interviewing Pierre about the best NoCode tools available
Show Details1hr 1min
#169 - How did I end up building a community?
Show Details32min 46s
#168 - Interviewing Lucie about art, logo design and co-founding Logology
Show Details1hr 11min
#167 - Meme Marketing
Show Details39min 7s
#166 - Interviewing Alessandra about how to build products for communities
Show Details35min 39s
#165 - I was blessed by the community gods!
Show Details32min 24s
#164 - Interviewing Arvid Kahl about building in public and bootstrapping
Show Details1hr 17min
#163 - This is the best podcast in the world!!
Show Details31min 25s
#162 - Interviewing Shulhi about tips and tricks to work fully remote
Show Details50min 42s
#161 - A Virtual Co-Working Space For Bootstrappers
Show Details35min 4s
#160 - Interviewing Kavya who quit her job to build a pro resume builder
Show Details59min 50s
#159 - The Boostrapper Paralysis
Show Details25min 15s
#158 - Interviewing Abdulmohsen about how to build and sell a beautiful table
Show Details1hr 9min
#157 - Starting from next week things will change
Show Details10min 7s
#156 - This will be my last Changeit feature in a while
Show Details8min 31s
#155 - Another Exciting Changeit Feature
Show Details5min 44s
#154 - I should reduce to two episodes per week
Show Details8min 4s
#153 - Anxiety
Show Details5min 55s
#152 - Interviewing Aleksandra about Marketing for Bootstrappers
Show Details1hr 4min
#151 - Asking for feedback for my new website
Show Details7min 32s
#150 - The Official Wannabe Entrepreneur Website is Live!
Show Details12min 11s
#149 - How to Build a Website for a Podcast
Show Details11min 53s
#148 - New Changeit Release!
Show Details4min 1s
#147 - Did I keep my unemployment money in Portugal??
Show Details10min 22s
#146 - Interviewing Dagobert about bootstrapping Logology
Show Details1hr 3min
#145 - I got accept in the Web Summit Lisbon
Show Details8min 21s
#144 - Pitching Changeit to join the Web Summit Lisbon (Version 2)
Show Details3min 6s
#143 - Interviewing Isaac and Wei Li founders of Tinyask
Show Details55min 28s
#142 - We have an idea to help podcasters
Show Details13min 6s
#141 - It's hard to say goodbye to the expat life
Show Details5min 22s
#140 - My work is my priority right now!
Show Details7min 45s
#139 - Is there a better way to make money as a Podcaster?
Show Details15min 37s
#138 - Not everything you see on Twitter is true!
Show Details8min 8s
#137 - A window to another reality
Show Details8min 55s
#136 - Interviewing Derrick about how to start a podcast agency
Show Details33min 18s
#135 - Reviewing #buildinpublic apps with a professional web designer
Show Details31min 36s
#134 - More and more Changeit partnerships are coming
Show Details9min 6s
#133 - No more daily episodes... Sorry :/
Show Details10min 24s
#132 - Cool New Twitter Features
Show Details8min 32s
#131 - Interviewing the Codeprints team about making art for developers
Show Details50min 57s
#130 - My first Changeit partnership? Could it be?
Show Details8min 36s
#129 - Thank you for the visit (3D experience)
Show Details4min 13s
#128 - I paid Ionut to grow my Twitter community
Show Details17min 7s
#127 - Brainstorming About Diversity and Monetisation Ideas With Wolfy
Show Details25min 11s
#126 - I am trying the audience first approach
Show Details10min 9s
#125 - Building features with the changeit community
Show Details10min 9s
#124 - Looking for purpose? Go work in a startup!
Show Details7min 10s
#123 - What's your edge?
Show Details5min 42s
#122 - Interviewing Tibo about starting a business
Show Details32min 25s
#121 - Reviewing 4 amazing build in public projects
Show Details25min 28s
#120 - Introducing Changeit Tribes!
Show Details6min 29s
#119 - A Guide For Wannabe Entrepreneurs
Show Details18min 4s
#118 - Twitter Ads - Worth the money?
Show Details9min 23s
#117 - A Guide for All the New Listeners
Show Details8min 7s
#116 - I am leaving Germany!
Show Details7min 39s
#115 - Interviewing Eva who is making clothes for girls with astronauts and trucks
Show Details51min 32s
#114 - The true challenge of an Entrepreneur
Show Details10min 31s
#113 - Reviewing 3 Build In Public Apps
Show Details16min 11s
#112 - Code Anxiety
Show Details5min 12s
#111 - Startup in India VS Startup in Germany
Show Details38min 27s
#110 - New Changeit Logo!!
Show Details7min 59s
#109 - Why the title Wannabe Entrepreneur?
Show Details3min 34s
#108 - Interviewing Miguel Ribeiro about his exciting startup SheerME
Show Details48min 23s
#107 - The dark side of twitter
Show Details13min 32s
#106 - My DIY Sound Booth
Show Details5min 38s
#105 - There is so much to talk about...
Show Details16min 34s
#104 - A day in a life of an entrepreneur
Show Details7min 45s
#103 - Brain overload! Please close some windows...
Show Details10min 28s
#102 - Interviewing Cristi who dreamed about his company since 10 years old
Show Details40min 2s
#101 - How to get followers on twitter?
Show Details10min 9s
#100 - Happy 100th episode day!
Show Details12min 5s
#99 - Hustle with patience it's harder than it sounds
Show Details9min 15s
#98 - Turn off your autopilot
Show Details8min 35s
# 97 - Darker Thoughts...
Show Details6min 40s
#96 - Bike your way out of your business
Show Details8min 21s
#95 - How to build a webstore in 2021
Show Details12min 48s
#94 - Interviewing Florian a serial entrepreneur that is the face of the Seawolves youtube channel
Show Details1hr 4min
#93 - I will probably stop my daily podcast...
Show Details8min 38s
#92 - Reacting to a tweet about startups
Show Details7min 55s
#91 - let's go podcast team!!
Show Details3min 8s
#90 - Trying to hack Hackernews
Show Details10min 15s
#89 - Did I just screw up my first changeit interview?
Show Details6min 35s
#88 - Does design matter?
Show Details10min 25s
#87 - Interviewing Steph Taylor whose podcast has more than 1M downloads
Show Details47min 48s
#86 - I almost bought a boat
Show Details5min 50s
#85 - How to deal with family vacations as an entrepreneur
Show Details4min 25s
#84 - How I am creating communities around my businesses
Show Details9min 43s
#83 - How to make sure your next airbnb has good internet?
Show Details7min 14s
#82 - Interviewing Anjali and Michael that live in a van but are dreaming with a catamaran
Show Details43min 31s
#81 - Wannabe Entrepreneur Slack Channel
Show Details3min 30s
#80 - UTMs, SEO and other nerdy stuff
Show Details7min 31s
#79 - How my setup evolved since I started a daily podcast
Show Details9min 43s
#78 - After 2 months of work the product clicks are finally increasing
Show Details10min 30s
#77 - I am not self-confident I am just tough!
Show Details6min 48s
#76 - I spent 150 euros in a sponsored blog post. Was it worth it?
Show Details7min 4s
#75 - Interviewing Cody who moved across the country for his fulfilment business
Show Details36min 12s
#74 - 3 projects I have started and terminated
Show Details9min 2s
#73 - My top 5 favourite startup podcasts
Show Details8min
#72 - Learning how to cope with failure
Show Details7min 12s
#71 - I need your help!
Show Details5min 8s
#70 - I am spiraling...
Show Details7min 23s
#69 - Let's go through my hate comments
Show Details10min 44s
#68 - Interviewing Michael and Chloe who were able to grow their travel blog to a solid source of income
Show Details53min 12s
#67 - I got a phone call from the unemployment center
Show Details6min 48s
#66 - It's sad but I am applying for jobs!
Show Details4min 21s
#65 - Sailing with a youtuber in Amsterdam
Show Details7min 24s
#64 - Changeit App Tech Stack
Show Details10min 7s
#63 - How did my last changeit release perform?
Show Details7min 20s
#62 - Reach out to companies and mentors. Just do it!
Show Details7min 29s
#61 - Speaking with Wolfgang about when to terminate a project
Show Details21min 48s
#60 - I made 3 euros in June. Is Changeit a profitable company?
Show Details6min 32s
#59 - Short update about changeit's design
Show Details3min 26s
#58 - Focus on your most passionate users
Show Details8min 42s
#57 - My top favorite bootstrapping tools of all time
Show Details10min 42s
#56 - Drunk and embarrassed but still having fun!
Show Details6min
#55 - Interviewing Iris Who Raised 1M For Her Sustainable Fashion App!
Show Details47min 25s
#54 - The time is now. Should I go all in?
Show Details5min 57s
#53 - Android vs IOS - My experience releasing my app in the stores!
Show Details13min 46s
#52 - What the hell am I doing with my savings?
Show Details8min 39s
#51 - If you were building changeit. How would you solve this?
Show Details5min 10s
#50 - Interviewing The Bread Code who has one of the most successful baking youtube channels in Germany
Show Details32min 20s
#49 - Tips and tricks for a successful Kickstarter campaign
Show Details14min 55s
#48 - From full time bloggers to nude photographers. Welcome to Berlin!!!
Show Details7min 46s
#47 - Collecting feedback from my friends
Show Details7min 41s
#46 - Interviewing The Sailing Frenchman who has the ambition to sail around the world
Show Details28min 27s
#45 - How can I make Changeit better?
Show Details6min 27s
#44 - Interviewing Busra who treats her career as her own startup
Show Details33min 24s
#43 - New Changeit Release!
Show Details10min 4s
#42 - I am producing a music album
Show Details8min 6s
#41 - Interviewing João Amaro that brought cookie dough to Portugal
Show Details31min 40s
#40 - This podcast is giving me weird dreams
Show Details6min 16s
#39 - Here is how I organize my new project ideas
Show Details9min 21s
#38 - Got my first donation
Show Details7min 38s
#37 - Interviewing João Amaro that started his first company in his teens
Show Details25min 9s
#36 - What problem is this podcast solving?
Show Details7min 48s
#35 - Working on Sundays
Show Details5min 47s
#34 - What if I could make money from this podcast?
Show Details9min 5s
#33 - How I get new users
Show Details9min 38s
#32 - Interviewing Giuseppe that is on a unique startup journey to innovate business cards
Show Details29min 16s
#31 - To the mooooonnnn!
Show Details5min 47s
#30 - Beer, Coffee and a Storm!
Show Details7min 18s
#29 - Interviewing Matthias whom started and finished a project in just 10 days
Show Details27min 28s
#28 - The simplest most useful product I ever created
Show Details7min 16s
#27 - One week of digital nomad lifestyle
Show Details6min 4s
#26 - Changeit is trending!
Show Details5min 11s
#25 - Interviewing the man that quit his job to follow his passion
Show Details17min 49s
#24 - Let the new development cycle begin!
Show Details7min 13s
#23 - Creating Dashboards
Show Details6min 36s
#22 - Low Energy
Show Details4min 5s
#21 - Super Yachts
Show Details7min 45s
#20 - Digital Nomad
Show Details6min 3s
#19 - End of the voyage
Show Details4min 32s
#18 - Thoughts of a sailor
Show Details9min 54s
#17 - My true colors
Show Details5min 5s
#16 - I am on a boat
Show Details4min
#15 - Let's dive deep into the affiliate model
Show Details7min 28s
#14 - What's your inner WHY?
Show Details5min 30s
#13 - Changeit Business Models
Show Details10min 29s
#12 - Night Thoughts
Show Details2min 59s
#11 - Calculating the unemployment risks
Show Details5min 1s
#10 - Emotional Rollercoaster
Show Details6min 8s
#9 - There is no planet B!
Show Details7min 14s
#8 - I have an attention problem!
Show Details3min 12s
#7 - I need QA!
Show Details4min 50s
#6 - Feedback, Feedback, Feedback!
Show Details5min 49s
#5 - What problem am I solving?
Show Details6min 13s
#4 - No more benefits!
Show Details3min 42s
#3 - Early Pressure
Show Details5min 50s
#2 - What am I actually building?
Show Details4min 43s
#1 - Pilot
Show Details2min 18s
Wannabe Entrepreneur (Trailer)
Show Details59s