#319 - From Cheating at a Podcast Festival to Sponsoring It

24m | Nov 24, 2023

Let me take you on a rollercoaster journey through my experiences. This week, I've experienced both the highs and lows of this exciting world of indie hacking. Join me as I share the challenges of running PodSqueeze and managing co-founder relationships. I will also speak about our most recent sponsored event and gaining recognition in the Portuguese market.


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Tiago's sister starts her podcast (00:01:23)

Tiago's sister starts her own podcast during the pandemic and receives positive feedback for her comedic content.

Tiago hacks the podcast festival website (00:04:37)

Tiago hacks the website of a podcast festival to increase his sister's chances of winning an award.

Pod Squeeze sponsors the podcast festival (00:06:44)

Pod Squeeze, Tiago's company, sponsors and organizes events at the podcast festival, leading to networking opportunities and potential clients.

Tiago's Oscars Speech (00:10:34)

Tiago talks about his sister being nominated for a podcasting prize and giving a speech at the awards ceremony.

Ungrateful Prize Winner (00:12:18)

Tiago discusses the incident where the prize winner publicly stated that they didn't need the prize, causing frustration.

Conflict with Co-Founder (00:16:06)

Tiago explains the conflict between him and his co-founder regarding the importance of networking and measuring success.

The overwhelmed feeling of being bootstrapped (00:19:57)

Tiago discusses feeling overwhelmed with the various aspects of his business and the frustration of not being able to move forward due to the lack of resources.

The growth of the indie hacker movement (00:20:50)

Tiago talks about the positive development of the indie hacker movement, its increasing popularity among entrepreneurs, and the interview of an indie hacker on a Portuguese TV show.

Tiago's interview on a Portuguese podcast (00:22:03)

Tiago shares his happiness about being interviewed for a Portuguese podcast and being able to discuss his work and experiences with his family.

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