#321 - How to go from $100K to $1M with My Indie Business?

29m | Dec 12, 2023

In this episode of "The Wannabe Entrepreneur," we will be exploring a range of topics. I will start by discussing the challenges of buying a new home and the art of gift-giving, sharing my personal experiences. Then, I will delve into the world of influencer marketing and compare working cultures in Portugal and Germany. I will express my frustrations with the bureaucratic process in Portugal and reflect on my entrepreneurial journey. Additionally, I will reveal how my company reached a major milestone of earning over $100k and discuss our future growth plans. I will emphasize the importance of strategic thinking, automation, delegation, and long-term marketing strategies. Finally, I will invite you, the listeners, to join our private community for indie makers. Let's dive in!


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The Millennial Dream (00:00:11)

Tiago talks about acquiring a home and the excitement of owning a place in the current real estate market.

The Frustration of Buying Gifts (00:02:37)

Tiago expresses his lack of excitement for receiving expensive gifts and his thoughts on the point of gift exchanges like Secret Santa.

Measuring Branding and Influencer Impact (00:05:41)

Tiago discusses the challenge of measuring the impact of branding and influencers on a company and shares his experience with tracking user acquisition sources.

The frustration with rules and regulations (00:12:00)

Tiago discusses the frustration with rules and regulations in Germany and Portugal, and the lack of trust in the government.

The challenges of understanding fiscal law (00:13:10)

Tiago talks about the frustrations of navigating fiscal law in Portugal and the lack of guidance from accountants.

The gray area of interpreting the law (00:15:10)

Tiago discusses the ambiguity and interpretation of laws, using the example of setting up a company in Dubai and the varying interpretations of what it means to have a connection to a country.

Scaling from 100k to 5 million (00:23:45)

Tiago discusses his goal of scaling his business from 100k to 5 million and his plans to automate processes and hire freelancers.

Short-term thinking and marketing gap (00:24:43)

Tiago reflects on the mistake of short-term thinking and not planning for the gap between cold emailing and other marketing strategies like SEO and brand marketing.

Preventing fires and strategic thinking (00:25:45)

Tiago emphasizes the importance of preventing fires as an entrepreneur and the need for strategic thinking, including investing in SEO and planning features ahead of time.

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