#324 - Starting a Podcast in 24 Hours: Guerrilla Marketing 101!

29m | Jan 7, 2024

Are you ready to dive into the world of guerrilla marketing and podcasting? I'm Tiago, the host of "The Wannabe Entrepreneur" and co-founder of PodSqueeze. In this episode, I'm excited to share our marketing focus for early 2024 and the behind-the-scenes of our rapid-fire podcast creation, "Lessons from a Podcaster." I'll walk you through our launch strategies, the innovative use of AI in our production, and how our podcast has skyrocketed PodSqueeze's marketing efforts. But it's not all work—I'll also get real about the challenges of maintaining work-life balance, avoiding burnout, and why personal well-being should never take a backseat. Join me as we explore the hustle and the humanity of entrepreneurship.


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Tiago's Decision to Focus on Marketing (00:00:09)

Tiago discusses his decision to focus solely on marketing for the first three months of 2024 and the reasons behind it.

The Concept of Guerrilla Marketing (00:06:43)

Tiago explains the concept of guerrilla marketing and its importance for their marketing strategy, emphasizing the need for low-budget, high-impact campaigns.

Creating a Podcast for PodSqueeze (00:10:27)

Tiago and his co-founder, John, brainstorm the idea of creating a podcast for PodSqueeze, discussing the benefits and reasons behind the decision.

Challenges and Success in Starting the Podcast (00:13:17)

Tiago shares the challenges and success of starting the podcast in just 24 hours, including the overwhelming response from potential guests and the technical aspects involved.

Using AI for Podcast Intros and Outros (00:18:45)

Tiago discusses the use of AI for creating podcast intros and outros, detailing the process and the outcome of using this technology.

Initial Success of the Podcast Launch (00:20:28)

Tiago reflects on the initial success of the podcast launch, including the viewership and downloads within the first 24 hours, and the creation of short content for the podcast.

The launch of "What the F is PodSqueeze" campaign (00:21:26)

Tiago discusses the idea of a marketing campaign to create buzz and attract attention for PodSqueeze.

Struggling to balance work and social life (00:22:42)

Tiago reflects on the challenge of balancing work commitments with maintaining a social life and personal well-being.

The dilemma of prioritizing work over personal life (00:23:46)

Tiago explores the conflict between dedicating himself entirely to work and the desire to enjoy a balanced personal life.

Realizing the importance of work-life balance (00:24:52)

Tiago acknowledges the need to prioritize mental health and social aspects alongside work commitments.

Striving for a work-life balance (00:25:26)

Tiago discusses the need to change his mindset and focus on maintaining a balance between work and personal life.

Acknowledging the importance of disconnecting from work (00:26:02)

Tiago emphasizes the significance of disconnecting from work and engaging in activities for personal well-being.

Seeking balance and consistency (00:27:49)

Tiago encourages feedback and shares his struggle with maintaining consistency while striving for work-life balance.

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