#328 - The Book That Every Maker Needs To Read

25m | Feb 26, 2024

Hey fellow indie hackers! I've promised myself (and you guys!) that from now on, I'll drop a fresh episode every Monday – gotta keep that trust going, right?

I also dived into my new adventure with PodSqueeze, chatting with customers on the podcast and soaking up all their amazing insights. Oh, and I had this awesome talk with Rob Walling, which led me to a game-changing book for my biz strategy.

Also, I'm toying with the idea of setting up a co-working space for us indie makers. How cool would that be? Stay tuned, and let's keep making waves together!

Book: The SaaS Playbook


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Struggles with Consistency (00:00:11)

New Commitment to Consistency (00:01:15)

Value of Consistency in Podcasting (00:02:27)

Starting a New Podcast (00:03:39)

Discovering a Valuable Book (00:06:54)

Challenges of Reducing Churn (00:11:40)

Importance of Long-Term Thinking (00:21:02)

Exploring the Idea of Co-Working Space (00:22:53)

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