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Anxious and Thriving

✨Normalizing anxiety & anxious conversations✨


21 Things I Learned in 2021 | Willis
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All Things Sex from a Woman's Perspective | Willis
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My Spiritual Journey | Willis
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Depression & Manifesting | Willis
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Attachment Styles | Willis
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Living at HOME vs Moving OUT | Willis
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DATING, SEX & SOCIAL ANXIETY | Willis & My Friend Maggie
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DISSOCIATION | When I'm Not Myself | Willis
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Show Details43min 31s
Sometimes I Hate My Boobs | Willis
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How To Handle Work Anxiety | Willis
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Feeding Your MIND w/a Registered Dietitian | Willis & Danielle
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SELF-LOVE | Put Yourself 1st | Willis
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My Toxic Relationship | Willis
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My Life as an Empath | Willis
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Finding Real Friends | Willis, Molly & Dara
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Finding Out I Had Anxiety & Depression | Willis
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