Closure: The Season Finale

Season 2 | Episode 26
1h 23m | Aug 8, 2019

When some ghosts from Tom's past return in dramatic fashion, the boys realize they have no choice but to resurrect senior relationship expert correspondent Kait Emery to inject once again some much-needed wisdom into their well-intentioned mania and neuroses.

[NOTE: For the full context of these stories, please listen to episodes 13-15 of season two.]

It's been a long season, y'all. We laughed. We cried. We contracted (and importantly, cured) chlamydia. But things are coming to a stop here for a little bit while we regain our sanity and maybe kiss a person or two off mic for a bit. Thank you all for continuing to listen as we publicize our ignorance. Thank you to our guests, Dr. Deanna Richards, Rachel Kidd, Will Gleason, Laura and Dylan Petro, Lindsey Metselaar, Ben Goodman, Peter A., Tori Piskin, Kait Emery, Dr. Maggie Dancel, B & L, James Petrine, Pete and Josh, and then Kait Emery again.

See you again soon!

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