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The Undesirables

A dating podcast by two guys who definitely shouldn't have a dating podcast.


Closure: The Season Finale
Show Details1hr 24min
"I have chlamydia"
Show Details48min 16s
The Sexual Fantasies Quiz
Show Details52min 13s
Reporting LIVE from Tucker's bedroom
Show Details1min 37s
Pete and Josh, hosts of Poe Boys, a Star Wars podcast
Show Details24min 45s
Kissin' dudes, dating profile review, and shout outs
Show Details39min 31s
James, senior gay correspondent, on Grindr, hookup culture, and tongue
Show Details49min 50s
Read receipts, dating attrition, and tangents
Show Details36min 11s
B & L, the anonymous hosts of Not Your Girlfriend's Podcast
Show Details1hr 4min
Dr. Maggie Dancel, psychologist and sex therapist
Show Details46min 43s
A Song of Ignorance and Identity
Show Details59min 10s
Tom's Jenny debacle, pt. III, an extreme ghosting
Show Details21min 36s
Kait Emery, pt. II, on Tom's great Jenny debacle
Show Details51min 2s
Kait Emery, senior relationship expert correspondent
Show Details31min 19s
Tori Piskin, pt. II, on texting, chivalry and Tinder disasters
Show Details47min 32s
Tori Piskin, comedian and host of Got It From My Mama podcast
Show Details50min 59s
Tucker's big breakup
Show Details51min 16s
Tom tries speed dating 2.0
Show Details48min 14s
Lindsey Metselaar from We Met At Acme
Show Details52min 43s
Laura and Dylan Petro, founders of dating app Bounce
Show Details49min 41s
Tom's blind date from Time Out's The Undateables
Show Details39min 54s
Long distance woes and having a type
Show Details51min 12s
Rachel, pt. II, on "Facebook official" and exes
Show Details1hr 7min
Rachel, Tucker's ex, on her first ever Tinder date
Show Details47min 59s
Phone sex, bad sex and the morning after
Show Details57min 58s
Deanna Richards, relationship therapist, on polyamory
Show Details58min 54s
Season 1 recap trailer
Show Details47s
Season one finale: Are dating apps good? Are we bad?
Show Details1hr 8min
Lucy Sweetkill, professional dominatrix and sex educator
Show Details1hr 21min
Short-term relationships and unreciprocated texts
Show Details20min 4s
A chat with the creators of a hookup app
Show Details44min 39s
Labels, how soon to meet up and breakup stories
Show Details48min 27s
Jacques Boudreau, resident married guy, on being married
Show Details1hr
Rachel, Tucker's ex-girlfriend, on swiping without intention
Show Details1hr 1min
Fetish requests and defining the relationship
Show Details50min 13s
Failed hookups and dating multiple people
Show Details59min 49s
Tom's big breakup and Tucker's sex hang-ups
Show Details50min 22s
Hitting it, quitting it and actively flirting
Show Details48min 20s
Tom's desperate quest on hookup app Pure
Show Details25min 32s
"Oh god, what are we doing?"
Show Details25min 53s