Reignite Your Spark

1h 0m | Sep 21, 2023

This week, on The Conscious Consultant Hour, Sam is pleased to welcome Coach, Mentor, Speaker, Author, Meditation Advocate, and Teacher, Ipek Williamson.

With a passion for guiding people through the complexities of modern life, Ipek specializes in helping overwhelmed individuals harness a profound sense of peace and harmony. 

Her coaching methodology draws inspiration from Core Values, Mental Fitness, and Mind Mastery, allowing her clients to unearth their latent potential. She adeptly navigates them through the turbulent waters of change, enabling them to embrace transformations with unwavering confidence and boundless joy, all on their own terms.

Ipek's impact extends beyond her coaching prowess. With a portfolio of 80+ acclaimed meditations on the Insight Timer App, she shares her wisdom and leads live meditation sessions, captivating audiences with her soothing presence and transformative guidance. Her influence transcends individual interactions; she brings her transformative teachings to life through workshops, courses, and training sessions, tailored for individuals, groups, teams, and corporations alike.

Tune in and join the conversation as Sam and Ipek discuss about the importance of meditation in today’s world. 

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