One The Most Important Aspects of Planning for 2021

16m | Mar 4, 2021

Happy New Year Everybody, May 2021 Be One of the Best Years of Your Life! After doing my first New Years Planning Podcast I thought it was really important to highlight and focus on this aspect: "Focusing on What is Most Important...To You." Focusing on what we want most in life can be a bit like pushing on mercury at times. We get caught up in what we think we want, what other people(or society) have told us we want, etc. It's really important to practice some deep self awareness and inner exploration to get really clear on who and what is most important to us and get focused on all we care most about related to the "who" and "what". Alright! Let's get to it! Focused, Matt. PS - For a complimentary coaching call, reach to me here:

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