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Matt O'Grady Coaching

Matt O’Grady is a Business, Fulfillment & Success Coach, Author, Speaker, and Podcast host. He has written 2 books, the first Living Gratitude: A Simple Path to Happiness, provides an incredibly powerful tool to live well and to bring joy and harmony to every aspect of your life.

Within its pages, meditation author and happiness life coach Matt O’Grady shares his story of spiritual seeking and the unique Gratitude practice, that he discovered, that not only saved his life but led him to true happiness, peace, joy, and success.

He guides people around the world to attain new levels of connection, serenity, happiness, and success while also managing the stresses and challenges of modern, daily life. He knows from his own life experiences that keeping it simple can be a difficult, yet tremendously rewarding task. Cultivating an awareness and gratitude practice while nurturing a personal spiritual journey— and keeping up with the bustle of daily life–requires something bold, clear, and elegant in its simplicity.


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