S2 - Ep 5 : Spiritual Sh*t ft. Alisa

29m | Apr 8, 2021
Diving deep into all things spirituality, crystals, Reincarnation, meditation and more. If it's not your thing it's OK but if you're interested in learning more about it, give it a listen. I brought my good friend Alissa on who is a Tarot reader and entrepreneur. She gave us some great insight on what she does and let us tap into her mind. She's such a gem and has great energy to her so I decided to bring her on for this episode to talk about more of this spiritual shit. Alissa's IG - @xqueenalissa Alissa's Jewelry IG - @peace.oftheuniverse Mel's IG - @mel_jpg Rae's IG - @sarainarae_ Our IG - @dontbbitterbbetter
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