• S2 - Ep 8 : On our Mental

    I already know what you're thinking "finally these bitches post an episode" well you have it and it is the last episode of season two and we cannot thank you listeners and supporters enough for all your love and support. We are so ready to give you watch to come for season three and thank you so much for sticking with us.

    20m - Sep 26, 2021
  • S2 - Ep 7 : You Won't Feel Like This Forever

    Better Bitches! WE ARE BACK! I know I know, we finally posted BUT we appreciate your patience and your support. We have one more episode left until we hit season three and we are so excited for you to hear this episode and hopefully get some great insight on it. Let us know what you think and then his comments on Instagram.

    DBBBB IG - dobtbbitterbbetter

    Mel’s IG - @mel_jpg

    Rae’s IG @sarainarae_

    S2 - 20m - Aug 6, 2021
  • S2- Ep 6 : Battle Of The Sexes
    Life has been super crazy and busy lately but we're so excited to be back. For this episode we wanted to feature our friends Anthony in Fernando, in this episode we discuss our differences with dating, sex and relationships. It's always nice to get a males perspective on these topics and we hope you enjoy it and laugh as much as we did. Anthony’s IG - @d.a.v.ila Fernando’s IG - @iam.solano Mel’s IG - @mel_jpg Rae’s IG @sarainarae_
    25m - May 26, 2021
  • S2 - Ep 5 : Spiritual Sh*t ft. Alisa
    Diving deep into all things spirituality, crystals, Reincarnation, meditation and more. If it's not your thing it's OK but if you're interested in learning more about it, give it a listen. I brought my good friend Alissa on who is a Tarot reader and entrepreneur. She gave us some great insight on what she does and let us tap into her mind. She's such a gem and has great energy to her so I decided to bring her on for this episode to talk about more of this spiritual shit. Alissa's IG - @xqueenalissa Alissa's Jewelry IG - @peace.oftheuniverse Mel's IG - @mel_jpg Rae's IG - @sarainarae_ Our IG - @dontbbitterbbetter
    29m - Apr 8, 2021
  • S2 - EP 4 : Instant Gratification ft. Sam
    FOR SEASON 2 EPISODE 4 Rae & Mel bring on a special guest, a very good friend of Rae's and let me tell you Sam definitely brought the heat in this episode and gave us a different perspective on not only Instant Gratification but also on Pride vs Ego. We hope you enjoy this episode. Instagram Handles Our Page - @dontbbitterbbetter Mel - @mel_jpg Rae - @sarainarae Sam - @Samantha.sedano
    23m - Mar 9, 2021
  • S2 - EP 3 : Goal Digger
    2021 has been a little hectic but Rae and I decided to talk about what our goals are for the year, small and big goals and what we're doing to get to those short and long-term goals. What are you doing to take those small steps to reach that specific goal?
    16m - Feb 18, 2021
  • S2 - EP 2 : Case of the Ex
    For episode 2 Rae and I discussed about break ups. W asked our audience what they think about them and how they cope with a heartbreak. Grab your tissues and get ready for the water works.
    14m - Feb 5, 2021
  • S2 - EP 1 : Stop Normalizing This
    SEASON 2 IS FINALLY HERE! We would like to thank the listeners for tuning in and sticking with us through our short break we had & Season one we appreciate it so much. Now for this episode Mel and Rae talk about things that we need to stop normalizing, tune in to find out if you agree or agree to disagree.
    23m - Jan 14, 2021
  • 20's
    In episode 7 me and Rae decided to go over what it's like to be in our 20's and the struggles through it all and what we're continuing to learn. We also got some great insight from our listeners as well, we hope you enjoy this episode and happy holidays.
    16m - Dec 23, 2020
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