Mycology Psychology: Getting Out Of Our Own Way With Microdosing l The Role & Benefits of Mushrooms, Neuroplasticity, and Community Integration

Season 9 | Episode 224
1h 17m | Dec 11, 2023

In this episode, we explore the world of mushrooms and their profound impact on both the human mind and the planet. Our conversation with Dr. Victoria Sterkin, a distinguished behavior analyst, and Rome Shadanloo, an experienced psychedelic therapist, starts with their personal journeys, delving into how they were initially drawn to the transformative power of mushrooms. We also discuss the diverse network of Mycology's practitioners, the importance of integration and what it really means, macro vs microdosing, and the potential benefits of microdosing. Tune in for this beautiful conversation to optimize your mind, body and soul.

Victoria Sterkin, PhD is a behavior analyst focused on therapeutic learning with individuals, couples, families and organizations. Dr. Victoria Sterkin, is a behavior analyst focused on therapeutic learning with individuals, couples, families and organizations. Victoria graduated from Teachers College, Columbia University with a PhD in Applied Behavior Analysis. She is a native New Yorker currently residing in the Santa Cruz mountains in CA with a private practice, consultancy, and is Co-Owner and COO of Mycology Psychology.

Rome Shadanloo is a psychedelic therapist specializing in CPTSD and attachment injury. She studied holistic psychology and has a focus in psychoneuroimmunology working to ease chronic pain rooted in the emotional life of the mind. Rome's practice includes the various modalities of internal family systems, reparenting work, quantum healing and she is a certified death doula. Rome majored in holistic psychology at Lesley University and went on to do extensive work in the field in a variety of roles at Proposition 36 rehab facilities that specifically serve the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated, including on the spot counseling for those in urgent crisis.


0:51 Welcome to the show!

1:52 Today’s episode

5:33 Dr. Victoria Sterkin’s Bio

5:57 Rome Shadanloo’s Bio

6:30 Welcome them to the podcast!

7:42 Rome’s call to mushrooms

10:54 Victoria’s call to mushrooms

16:33 Getting out of our own way

17:30 Pattern-making

18:15 Our brain on mushrooms

22:15 Research vs Citizen Science

23:01 Mycology Menopausal Study

25:22 The role of mushrooms on the planet

28:02 The diverse ecosystem of Mycology’s Practitioner Network

30:39 A multi-pronged approach

32:20 *Stress Guardian*

33:32 Community Integration

38:30 We are the sum of the 5 closest people

39:39 Renee’s story about sensing energy

41:08 Presence and ignoring impulses

44:20 Lauren’s aversion to multi-tasking

46:50 Seeing opportunity when we’re ready

49:06 Macro vs Microdosing

52:17 Benefits of challenging journeys

53:46 Catching red flags 

56:10 Making new choices

59:10 Benefits of Microdosing

1:04:08 When a protocol isn’t working

1:13:24 What to know about sourcing

1:15:50 Their final piece of advice

1:17:05 Thanks for tuning in!




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