EP18| "A Man And A Women Can NEVER! Be Friends"⁉️

1h 0m | Jan 17, 2023

Are we actually JUST FRIENDS? Opposite-sex friendships ARE THEY REAL. Can you have an opposite-sex best friend while in a relationship?


00:00 - intro

00:44 - "I didn't feel guilty cheating cuz I paid the bills" - Gabriel union

03:20 - What do you call this "relationship"?

09:13 - Is having an opposite-sex best friend a red flag?

17:25 - Can a guy and girl be just friends

20:26 - Can opposite-sex friendship work while in a relationship?

30:44 - Everyone thinks we're dating!

42:28 - Why her girlfriend's cock block at the club?

48:24 - Do husbands still get excited to see their wive naked? (CONFESSION)

51:29 - "I stayed after he cheated. Am I wrong?" (Reddit dilemma)

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Friends are Benefits