Ep22| "BIG booty is for the POOR 🫒"

Season 1 | Episode 22
58m | Feb 14, 2023

Would you rather games, Reacting to each others music, hot topics and relationship dilemmas.


00:00 - Intro

02:08 - Reacting to your Spotify wrapped 2022

27:28 - Omar spent 2 month listening to music

30:31 - Would you rather lose the internet or music ?

34:35 - Our favourite artists

41:04 - "Only poor men like big ass"

47:39 - "is it wired if a 26 male dates a 19 year old?"(reddit dilemma)

WELCOME to FRIENDS ARE BENEFITS. here we laugh, play games share secrets, talk about experiences and share our friendship with you guys. Your hosts are Omar & Roro. Consider Subscribing and have a laugh with us.

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Friends are Benefits