Kerry Mead: It wasn’t depression, it was ADHD [Top 10 Replay with Bonus Update]

Episode 151
1h 15m | Aug 21, 2023

Episode 151 with Kerry Mead. [Replay]

Welcome to my Top 10 Replay series, featuring 10 of my favorite past episodes!

After reaching the milestone of 150 interviews with women with ADHD, I've been reflecting back on this anthology and decided I'd like to re-release some of the interviews that have stayed close to my heart in some particular way — either because of the topic, or the vulnerability of the conversation, or some particular nuggets of wisdom that have deeply affected my way of thinking.

I’ve chosen 10 episodes that I feel deserve a replay — in the hopes that maybe you missed this one the first time around you’ll get a chance to hear it, or if you listened to it when it originally aired, I hope you’ll enjoy listening to it again!

First up, my interview with Kerry Meed, which originally aired as Episode 21 in March of 2021. I think the reason why this conversation has stayed with me so much is because of how raw and openly we spoke about the trials of being a mom with ADHD, especially during the pandemic and lockdown. I found it incredibly validating and healing, as did many listeners!

Bonus Update:

At the end of this re-released episode, Kerry gives us an update on how she’s doing, how her kids are doing, how her Master’s is going, and whether she’s still writing that book. We also get into it again about the NHS in the UK and the current state of ADHD diagnoses. 


Instagram: @kerry_689

Twitter: @KerryMea

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Kerry’s article: I Don’t Have Depression, I Have Attention Deficit Disorder: The Frequent Misdiagnosis of Womxn

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