Jennifer Salzman: Alcohol addiction & ADHD coping strategies

Episode 140
44m | Jun 5, 2023

Episode 140 with Jennifer Salzman.

“The alcohol was dulling the anxiety and the stress, but it was also dulling the joy and the happiness.”

When Jennifer was diagnosed with adult ADHD in her 40s she realized that she had spent more than 20 years self-medicating her symptoms with alcohol. Drinking was the easiest and fastest way to shut off the constant chatter in her brain. She also discovered that alcohol abuse among people with ADHD is much more common than it is in people without the condition. 

Jennifer now coaches others to help them find freedom from alcohol, gain a new outlook on life, and improve their relationship with themselves and their neurodivergent brains. 

We talk about our own experiences with alcohol abuse, the link between ADHD and substance abuse, the dangers of mixing alcohol with stimulant medications, why AA isn’t always neurodivergent-friendly, and some of the ways we can develop healthier coping mechanisms for managing ADHD.  


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