Korra O’Neill: ADHD & biohacking our menstrual cycles

Episode 168
1h 0m | Dec 18, 2023

Episode 168 with Korra O’Neill.

“I take a lot of pride in thinking about how my ancestors were probably the warriors who protected the village and took care of everybody in a way not everybody's brain can handle.”

Korra is a queer AuDHD period biohacker and co-founder of Unleash Your Superpowers. Diagnosed at the age of 29, she now uses her understanding of period science, neurodivergence, and queer theory to help thousands of people feel empowered by the body they're in.

Korra also co-authored the book “Your Toolbox To Unleash Your Super Powers,” a menstruating human’s guide to biohacking & hormonal harmony, and created the Superpowers Planner. This gorgeous calendar not only helps you track your phases, but gives helpful tips for movement and nutrition based on your phases.

We talk about how our menstrual cycles affect our ADHD symptoms, what foods align best with our different phases, and lots of other ways to naturally support our hormones.

And, I want to add that at one point in this episode I am desperately trying to remember the name of an author and just couldn’t for the life of me remember her name — I’m sure many of you can relate — anyway, the woman I’m talking about is Kate Northrup, who is the daughter of Dr. Christiane Northrup.

Anyway, you’ll want to grab a pen and paper for this episode — this was a super helpful conversation that I for one plan to revisit often since I’m endlessly confused by our hormones and our different menstrual phases.


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