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Nuts & Guts Podcast (Hosted by Blk Paco)

I consider myself bold and fearless, and a little Nuts at times. This show is designed to encourage myself and my audience, to have the Nuts to go for your dreams. And have the Guts to stomach, the ups and downs that we all will go through...


Laughter & Living Honestly w/Comedian Eulise Dickerson
Show Details1hr 35min
Monday Money Motivation: Positive Xscape Event & Performance space
Show Details1hr 25min
Investing In A Better You
Show Details40min 58s
Power In Letting Go
Show Details24min 39s
Pipe Down & Thoughts
Show Details39min 44s
Get Ya Mind & Body Right w/ Clay
Show Details1hr 8min
What Is Your Love Is Rooted In? w/ Night Cap with Sweet T Podcast
Show Details1hr 18min
Paco’s Plumber Essentials: What’s In That Garbage Disposal!?!
Show Details12min 3s
Dating Scene Response
Show Details21min 3s
Open Letter To This Dating Scene
Show Details38min 33s
MMM: 40 Hours A Week Can’t Be It !?!
Show Details43min 7s
Paco's Plumbing Essentials: The Sump Pump
Show Details20min 7s
The Fine Line Btw Simp’n & Trickin
Show Details1hr 30min
Just Me & Q
Show Details30min 9s
Smokefree 3 Thank You Houston
Show Details1hr 16min
Paco's Plumber Essentials: I Know You Smell That In The House
Show Details1hr 14min
Paco's Plumber Essentials: Help, My Earrings Fell Down The Drain !!!
Show Details10min 44s
Paco's Plumber Essentials: It’s a Drain-No For Me
Show Details11min 20s
Figure Out What You Need
Show Details30min 52s
Smoke Free Your Life
Show Details32min 43s
The Mixtapes Series w/ Chan “SHE Gets It”
Show Details1hr 24min
The Mixtapes Series w/ Kells
Show Details1hr 35min
The Mixtapes Series w/ Kailah
Show Details1hr 12min
The Mixtapes Series w/ Tamara The Dawn
Show Details50min 54s
Do You REALLY Wanna Be In Love!?!
Show Details29min 2s
You Don’t Need That Sh!t !!!!
Show Details27min 51s
Focus On Ya Self & Grow w/ Chan
Show Details2hr 1min
MMM: Quit That Job, Start A Smart Business
Show Details26min 44s
My Take On Texas
Show Details42min 37s
Welcome To Houston Texas
Show Details29min 25s
Plant The Seed & Be
Show Details31min 17s
MMM: Everything About Clogged Drains
Show Details24min 11s
MMM : I Might Steal A Sandwich
Show Details19min 2s
Frozen Pipes 101
Show Details26min 29s
Presenting Master Moose: Change Adds Up To Dollaz
Show Details1hr 4min
"Bondye Bon" w/ Boe "Zoe View Podcast"
Show Details1hr 8min
MMM: Loving Yourself & Dating Yourself w/ Ebony-Kisha
Show Details1hr 19min
Congrats To My Drunk Minds Sober Thoughts Boyz On 5 YRS
Show Details2hr 2min
Stereo Collab: If You're Broke, She Ain't Happy !!! w/ Akeem Raw & Uncut Podcast
Show Details1hr 26min
Tax Season ft. I’m Just Jackie
Show Details57min 11s
You Just A Number Hoe!!!! ft. Chan from SHE Gets It Pod
Show Details1hr 41min
MMM: Strive For Independence In 2021
Show Details31min 37s
Freaky Friday: Kelly From The Boudoir Diary Blog
Show Details54min 13s
Are We Going Raw Or Naw ?!? w/SHE gets it
Show Details1hr 42min
MMM: Makin Money Make Sense Talkin Stocks In 2021 w/Creative Bully
Show Details52min 1s
Chop’n It Up Honestly w/ Tamara
Show Details52min 57s
Get It In Now ft. Baylor ( BTG For President )
Show Details53min 20s
(MMM) Mastering Balance II
Show Details16min 22s
Welcome To The Party At Paco’s
Show Details55min 59s
Freaky Friday: We Gonna Do This Or Not ? ft. The Free Space Podcast
Show Details56min
I Really Love You
Show Details28min 5s
Pussy Power 101
Show Details31min 38s
Lean On Me But Not Too Much
Show Details20min 30s
MMM: Find Ways To Be Happy
Show Details23min 38s
Freaky Friday: Nee Nee Wants The Tip
Show Details51min 1s
What's Wrong With A Lil Mouth to Mouth !?! w/SHE gets it
Show Details54min 53s
The Competition Fam vs Fam
Show Details31min 15s
#MMM Crucial Conversations For Growth Ft Titan
Show Details1hr 36min
"Your Whole Mindset is Warped & F'd Up !!! " w/SHE gets it podcast
Show Details1hr 2min
I Fell In Love 1st... Ft HOT TOT & Cuzzin RODDY
Show Details1hr 21min
(MMM) Get Up Nate!!! We All Been Down B4
Show Details27min 20s
Stereo: Why Women Lie ?!? feat. Baylor from BTG Podcast
Show Details1hr 14min
(MMM) Mike DeWine My N*gga!
Show Details21min 16s
Looking For A Mutie Not A Cutie Ft. HOT TOT
Show Details24min 43s
Deuces Bih Ft Cuzzin Roddy
Show Details56min 6s
"The Competition" Part 2 Women Vs Women
Show Details42min 2s
"The Competition" Part 1... Men Vs Men (Stop The Hate)
Show Details49min 53s
(MMM) Blk Leather Tough
Show Details17min 2s
(Freaky Friday) Soulful Moaning Ft. Autumn The Aries
Show Details52min 49s
Stereo Collab: This Is Why He Don't Want Yo A$$!!! w/ SHE gets it
Show Details1hr 35min
(MMM) Know Who You Are B4 You Get The Paper FT Erv Horn
Show Details45min 46s
(Freaky Friday) ThunderBird Fuck Faces & Kool-Aide
Show Details25min 56s
Is It Toxic, Or Yall Both On Some Trash?????
Show Details29min 2s
(MMM) Life Could Always Be worse
Show Details26min 45s
(Freaky Friday) Unconditional Head FT. Playboy Da Dj
Show Details54min 58s
Women Sell Dreams Too! (All These Ni**As Wanna F*ck JT)
Show Details30min 55s
(MMM) Being On The Scene Can Be Profitable
Show Details20min 22s
(Freaky Friday) Devils In The Dms, A Different Type Of Stroke...... FT STARR
Show Details55min 23s
Family Ties... FT Dj Brainstorm
Show Details59min 45s
Loyal To The Wrong F*cking People (2am Convo)
Show Details29min 22s
(MMM) Positive People Have Positive Bank Accounts FT im_just_jackie
Show Details58min 42s
(Freaky Friday) Rest Stop P Can Save A Relationship
Show Details25min 3s
#fps (Falling Pod Soldiers) FT. Deronimo
Show Details22min 48s
(MMM) Get What You Need Til You Can Afford What You What.... 97 Honda Love
Show Details29min 32s
(Freaky Friday) Lady Hurry Up And Bust Please, My Meat RaW.......
Show Details28min 51s
You Shouldn’t Have To Guess If He Love You Ft Mookie (Big Sis)
Show Details30min 16s
Is The Liquor Store Still Open? ft Mookie (Big SiS) Part 1
Show Details30min
(MMM) Buy Some Stock Buy Someone Lunch Today
Show Details29min 56s
No Rules In Podcasting (Either You On The Way Or In The Way)
Show Details30min
Ladies is your Twat Worth $570 A Night? (Date Guidelines For Men)
Show Details29min 19s
(MMM) Buy someone lunch today
Show Details25min 10s
I Need A Dick Machine
Show Details30min 6s
I Wanna Love, But IDK (Hard To Trust Twice)
Show Details25min 43s
Im Broke, But I Can Change A Tire Baby....
Show Details28min 30s
The Intro>>>>>>>>>> Bring that flat ass here girl
Show Details29min 5s