419: Marketing Your Practice Doesn't Have To Feel Sleazy With Jenn Fredette

48m | Feb 9, 2024

This week's episode includes a conversation with Jenn Fredette. We talked about how marketing doesn't have to be gross and make you feel ashamed of who you are. We discuss the role of attachment style in marketing and how therapists can show up authentically in their marketing efforts.

We also explore the evolution of therapist influencers and the pressure to conform to certain marketing strategies. Jen emphasizes the importance of niching down and writing specifically to your ideal client. Overall, the conversation highlights the need for attuned marketing that reflects the therapist's true self and resonates with their ideal clients. Sound familiar? As you'll hear in an upcoming episode, I've been receiving an auditory listening program that has been healing my attachment system from the bottom up. I can attest to how differently I'm able to express myself in my marketing as a result! Jenn shares a lot of knowledge and wisdom in this conversation. I'm going back to listen again and take more notes! Here's more of what Jen shared.

  • Marketing can be authentic and grounded in who you are as a therapist.
  • Therapists should consider their attachment style and how it influences their marketing approach.
  • The pressure to conform to certain marketing strategies, such as becoming an influencer, may not be necessary or effective for all therapists.
  • Niching down and writing specifically to your ideal client can help attract the right clients and create a sense of attunement in your marketing.

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