427: The Eyes Have It - Trip: Trauma Regulation + Integration Process with Monique Hoving-Smeets

51m | Apr 5, 2024

I named this episode "The Eyes Have It" to honor the fascinating connection my guest, Monique Hoving-Smeets, MFT describes between right and left eyes and awareness among parts of self in trauma work. Monique, a therapist based in Canada who specializes in complex trauma and dissociation, is the developer of the Trauma Regulation and Integration Model (TRIP). Among so many things, Monique also explores the internal attachment dynamics that can contribute to trauma and how TRIP helps to address these dynamics. She shares examples of how TRIP has been effective in treating chronic somatic symptoms and discusses ongoing research and future developments of the therapy.

Monique Hoving-Smeets - MFT/CCC/RCC based on Vancouver Island, BC Canada, is the owmerof a private practice called RelationshipWorx and creator of the TRIP Trauma Regulation and Integration Process. In her private practice the majority of her clients present with trauma, complex trauma, religious and ritual abuse, dissociative disorders and attachment development injuries (presenting in so many different ways eg - chronic fatique, fibroymayalgia, depression, rage, perfectionism, disordered eating). Monique was born in the Netherlands, and has lived in 7 countries and considers Canada her permanent home.

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