EP 7: Self-efficacy

47m | Nov 6, 2020

In this week’s episode, Roy shares his thoughts on self-efficacy, using personal examples and lessons from 2020. Self-efficacy is one’s sense of, “I can do it.” In modern civilization, self-efficacy is drastically plummeting. While technology has aided in humanity’s growth, it has also resulted in humans outsourcing their power and agency; manual labor has become devalued. The more reliant humans become on someone else or something else taking care of something for them, the further humans fall into a state of learned helplessness that breeds misery and entitlement. A humorous story of toilet paper, bidets, and poopy cloths was a simple yet profound way Roy experienced his own self-efficacy in 2020. What do bidets, toilet paper, and poopy cloths have to do with self-efficacy? Hop into this week’s episode of Friday Night Fireside Chats to find out! 

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