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This unique show engages the audience with a variety of topics that range from light and humorous too deep and reflective, listen to the show that people are talking about.

Confession Radio is not about self-improvement it's about self-acceptance!


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Burnout Is About Your Workplace, Not Your People
Show Details9min 20s
I want to start a revolution. Are you with me?
Show Details5min 10s
Should Your Company Be Able to Look at Your Social Media Before and During Your Employment?
Show Details7min 40s
The Great Resignation
Show Details7min 46s
We have lost our way as leaders in the workplace
Show Details26min 22s
Bestselling Author ,Viralenologist, Founder of the Viral Energy Institute
and the friend who reminds you to "Watch your Viral Energy!"
Show Details56min 55s
Secretly bisexual, pansexual, or queer?
Show Details7min 8s
Stop being a quitter
Show Details36min 39s
A day in the life of a YouTuber
Show Details45min 12s
Stay Tuned...
Show Details4min 46s
I Miss America Feat @podcast_snack
Show Details42min 46s
Relieving Stress During #Coronavirus #Quarantine
Show Details14min 49s
Help with my Sexuality feat @Raindancelife
Show Details4min
Desperate Please help
Show Details4min 51s
Going Nuts Feat @paulcramactor
Show Details4min 54s
Bitchy The Hamster Feat @Rodent_Rage_Pod
Show Details7min 13s
Corona Check In
Show Details48min 32s
Unsure In Virginia
Show Details7min 22s
Confession Radio (Trailer)
Show Details35s
Like The Old Days Feat @MellaNation
Show Details7min 20s
Hopeless In Georgia Feat @MellaNation
Show Details7min 15s
Dissed in Ohio Feat @paulcramactor
Show Details5min 48s
A Conversation with @iDrewby from House Of Mario/A Drew Story
Show Details1hr 15min
In The Picture, Too Feat @paulcramactor
Show Details4min 51s
Left Out In the Midwest Feat @paulcramactor
Show Details5min 56s
Silent Secretary
Show Details6min 23s
Too Young
Show Details4min 44s
Amanda In Wyoming
Show Details7min 12s
What can I say to my Grandfather?
Show Details5min 10s
Wanting to Withdraw
Show Details5min 58s
Rude Girlfriend
Show Details2min 58s
Should I Continue on this path?
Show Details6min 27s
Not happy at my jobs
Show Details5min 25s
Swinging Down South
Show Details4min 20s
Painted in New Jersey
Show Details6min 5s
Hands on Dad
Show Details4min 28s
Youth Mil
Show Details4min 37s
This Is My Story: Max
Show Details5min 52s
This Is My Story: Matthew
Show Details4min 39s
This Is My Story: Justin
Show Details3min 57s
Looking For Mercy
Show Details4min 43s
Big Sister In New York
Show Details7min 2s
Wounded In Minnesota
Show Details6min 42s
Full Of Feeling in Arizona
Show Details6min 35s
End of my rope
Show Details18min 34s
Jealous Of Him
Show Details7min 16s
Is He Unfaithful?
Show Details6min 53s
Internet Dating
Show Details7min 1s
I'm desperate
Show Details6min 7s
I Don't Like People
Show Details7min 44s
I don't like my son in law
Show Details4min 48s
Show Details5min 47s
For you, David
Show Details12min 3s
Father of Two
Show Details8min 46s
Drive slow homie
Show Details11min 29s
Domestic Abuse
Show Details7min 14s
Did I do the right thing?
Show Details6min 54s
Did I blow it?
Show Details6min 15s
Am I making the right decision?
Show Details7min 3s
Falling Apart
Show Details5min 3s
Disappointed Daughter
Show Details4min 35s
My Sexuality
Show Details5min 2s
On the brink
Show Details6min 4s
Go All Out
Show Details5min 32s
Ready for Ohio
Show Details7min 1s
My Partner Died
Show Details4min 32s
My New Husband
Show Details11min 30s
Miserable In Connecticut
Show Details5min 3s
Tiffany Moore (Super Ma'am) Conversation
Show Details48min 20s
Intermission Daughter
Show Details7min 28s
Accent on the Accent
Show Details6min 28s
Hurt In Georgia
Show Details6min 14s
Confidence Issues
Show Details7min 7s
This Is My Story: Niecey
Show Details5min 43s
Show Details5min 32s
Too Young
Show Details5min 16s
Apple Podcasts Top 100
Show Details13min 35s
Needs A Playmate
Show Details7min 12s
Start Your Day With Intention
Show Details7min 52s
In her face
Show Details5min 22s
So Far Away
Show Details4min 32s
Rebecca Kling (@RebeccaKling) Conversation
Show Details32min 11s
No Ring, Denver
Show Details5min 50s
Mella @MellaNation Conversation
Show Details43min 56s
Solo Female
Show Details6min 29s
Fashion Emergency
Show Details8min 21s
Soulmate in Texas
Show Details6min 43s
The Painful Truth
Show Details4min 5s
Don't look too close
Show Details11min 27s
Teen Mom
Show Details4min 48s
Bleeding Heart
Show Details6min 36s
The Unwanted Cincinnati
Show Details4min 1s
Send Me A Sign Universe
Show Details4min 59s
Hitting Rock Bottom
Show Details3min 28s
Can't Bear It
Show Details5min 37s
This Is My Story: Ryan
Show Details6min 45s
Early Sign Of Abuse
Show Details3min 45s
Not Mommy Dearest
Show Details3min 32s
Don't Dim Your Light
Show Details6min 20s
The Exit Plan
Show Details7min 1s
This Is My Story: Mar (May)
Show Details6min 49s
Needs help now
Show Details5min
I just want a family again
Show Details5min 39s
Oh! What A Glorious Morning Interview
Show Details44min 39s
I feel embarrassed
Show Details8min 12s
This Is My Story: Jose
Show Details3min 57s
Show Details5min 25s
Feeling Lonely
Show Details4min 44s
This Is My Story: Anya
Show Details5min 51s
3 Rules To Becoming Successful
Show Details7min 18s
Hurt Feelings
Show Details7min 21s
Paul Cram (@paulcramactor) Converstation
Show Details45min 54s
I Don't Love Country Music
Show Details4min 22s
Super Supportive
Show Details3min 54s
Am I making the right decision?
Show Details7min 6s
Oh! What A Glorious Morning Promo!
Show Details2min 19s
Don't Lose Hope
Show Details2min 59s
None of their business
Show Details5min 16s
This Is My Story: Stewart
Show Details8min 33s
Very Confused
Show Details4min 57s
Bianca Ryan (@BiancaRyan) Interview
Show Details43min 22s
He's Wrong Right?
Show Details13min 17s
Bianca Ryan (@BiancaRyan) Promo
Show Details2min 12s
This is my story: Marcus
Show Details6min 24s
Straight As an Arrow
Show Details6min 22s
Show Details7min 37s
Show Details5min 49s
This is my story: David Alan
Show Details4min 42s
Bring your (Sick) kid to work
Show Details9min 40s
Interview: Paul Cram
Show Details45min 28s
Keeping a lid on it
Show Details5min 12s
About us at Confession Radio
Show Details4min 58s
Are you willing?
Show Details4min 10s
The Golden Rule
Show Details3min 20s
Show Details3min 33s
Davids Meditation
Show Details10min 31s
Good-Bye 2018
Show Details1min 15s