Leaning into Vulnerability, Telling Better Stories and Documenting in Iraq with Max Lowe

Season 1 | Episode 56
1h 10m | Mar 23, 2021

Max Lowe is a director, filmmaker, TEDx speaker and photographer who has travelled across the globe to tell stories. He's worked with National Geographic, Science Magazine, The North Face, Red Bull, Outdoors Magazine and many other big names in the industry. Max's recent documentary "TORN" dives into his family complex history and is his most vulnerable and difficult project to date. Max shares with us how he got started, how he leaning into vulnerability helps his story telling, how he ended up in Iraq with veterans, the power of emotional openness and much more. Deep conversion with a lot of valuable content! 

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I hope you learned something out of that episode! Now go crush it out there and remember to be nice with our planet - we only got one!

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