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The Pierre T. Lambert Podcast

Welcome to the Pierre T. Lambert Podcast where Pierre interviews the best creatives in the world to share their tips and stories.

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Pierre T. Lambert is a travel & adventure photographer & YouTuber followed by over 600,000 people.

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#69 Taylor Rees on Directing Extreme Documentaries and Practices for Finding Lost Creativity
Show Details30min 18s
#68 Svenja Krüger on Photography of Death And How To Tell Stronger Stories
Show Details1hr 19min
#67 Emmett Sparling on The Rule To Increase Creative Performance, Living Out Of a Backpack & Lessons From Shooting Awarded Short Films
Show Details56min 14s
#66 - Michael Muser on Lessons From Working With The Top 0.1%, Starting a Three-Michelin Star Restaurant and Photography
Show Details1hr 41min
#65 - Jerome Poirier on Going Viral (13M+views) On Instagram & The Psychology behind Instagram Reels & TikTok
Show Details1hr
#64 - Jessica Moore on How Photography NFTs Changed Her Life, Storm Chasing for Photos and Her Battle Against Autoimmune Disease
Show Details1hr 15min
#63 - Nima Etminan On Working with Snoop Dogg as Teenager, Disrupting An Industry through EMPIRE and Diving into Rap Culture
Show Details1hr 20min
#62 - Laura Dawn on Microdosing for Creativity, Overcoming The 'I'm Not Creative' Label, and Psychedelics Safe Use
Show Details1hr 18min
#61 - Erick Hercules on How to Price Your Art, Breaking Creative Blocks, NFTs For Photographers, The Curse Of A Niche, Meditation & Tools to Optimize Life
Show Details1hr 27min
#60 - Sean Li on Saying No to 300,000$+, Rebooting the Podcast, Building Your Business, NFTs and Lessons from Becoming a Dad
Show Details1hr 40min
Leaning into Vulnerability, Telling Better Stories and Documenting in Iraq with Max Lowe
Show Details1hr 10min
Ted Chin on Selling Your Art via NFTs, The Future Of Photography, and Pursuing Passion at all cost
Show Details1hr 40min
Peter Dering on Taking Risks To Build a Multi Million Dollar Brand (Peak Design), Life-altering Experiences, Story Telling and Doing Business For Good
Show Details47min 42s
Ben Moon on Lessons From Surviving Near Death and Telling Better Stories
Show Details1hr 21min
Ryan Borne on How To Create Viral Content with Over 100M Views & Embracing Dark Times To Find Passion
Show Details1hr 30min
Etienne Claret on How Spending 30 Days In The Dark For A Shoot with Mike Horn Transformed
Show Details1hr 5min
Luke JC on Shooting From The Moon, Becoming a Travel Photographer and Finding A Business Partner
Show Details1hr 17min
Sam Newton on his Process to Land Paid Travel Clients, and Being original in the creative field
Show Details1hr 15min
Chris Hau on Turning Failures into Dreams, Finding Your Own Voice and Cutting Through the Noise.
Show Details1hr 8min
Evan Ranft on Crushing Creative Limitations & How to create a Book.
Show Details44min 37s
How I Got Started In Photography & YouTube
Show Details58min 49s
Karl Shakur on How To Crush Creativity During COVID-19 Era
Show Details1hr 3min
Lexie Alford on Creativity On The Road & Traveling To All 196 Countries Around The World
Show Details1hr 23min
Sorelle Amore on Creating Your OWN Style, Reinventing Yourself & Finding Creativity
Show Details59min 2s
Taylor Jackson on Surviving as a Pro Photographer & Starting a Business
Show Details51min 32s
Bryn North on balancing Money, Passion and Creativity
Show Details1hr 19min
Karl Nesseler on Defying Death On The Everest And Finding Purpose In Creative Work
Show Details1hr 22min
How To Change Lives With Your Camera ft. Simon Eisenbach
Show Details1hr 4min
Practice Courage To Boost Your Creativity with Chelsea Yamase @chelseakauai
Show Details1hr 35min
Your PAST does not define your SUCCESS with Quin @Everchanginghorizon
Show Details52min 5s
How To Make Anything Happen with BackpackerTampan
Show Details46min 21s
Stop Thinking! Start DOING! Creative Process with Liam aka. 7th Era
Show Details43min 9s
Creative Block, Should You Push Trough Or Let Go? James Popsys
Show Details39min 32s
Start CREATING NOW with Hayden Pedersen
Show Details51min 18s
Is Education Useless To Do Photo/Video as Pro? With Jason Vong
Show Details46min 20s
Advice When Facing Advertisity Becoming a Pro Photographer with Tobi Shinobi
Show Details48min 32s
How Photography Has Changed & What To Do About It with Michael Yamashita
Show Details23min 22s
How To Tell BETTER Stories with Renan Ozturk
Show Details24min 57s
How To Find Creativity & Fulfillment with Chris Burkard
Show Details46min 12s
How To Get FIRED To Pursue Your Passion with Alex Qian
Show Details53min 40s
How To Sell Your Art & Change Your Life with Nigel Danson
Show Details42min 47s
How To Use Your Camera For IMPACT with Danielle Da Silva
Show Details47min 46s
Advice on Being UNIQUE with Colette Robinson
Show Details49min 19s
STOP Making Excuses - with Erin Hogue
Show Details1hr 3min
Use Creativity for Impact with Amir Zakeri
Show Details11min 48s
Turning a Lack of Gear into a Strength with Ivana Cook
Show Details44min 34s
Advice to Shoot like a REAL PRO! with Lizzie Peirce
Show Details54min 14s
How to Make People Look NATURAL with "The Quirky"
Show Details48min 59s
Can you be a Photographer without FOLLOWERS? with Ryad Guelmaoui
Show Details45min 24s
How To Overcome Creativity Blocks & Be INSPIRED with Aaron Nace
Show Details47min 51s
Don't Let People Put You in a Box!! with Carmen Huter
Show Details52min 28s
Advice on Being Shy Shooting Strangers with Jordan Hammond
Show Details33min 49s
Advice on Finding Your OWN Style & copying others with Becki & Chris
Show Details58min 38s
Why Should You Work FOR FREE! with Cody Blue
Show Details42min 57s
3 Things I'm looking forward to in 2019!
Show Details8min 31s
How To Find Better Compositions with Teppo Haapoja
Show Details51min 45s
Chasing Your Dreams & Picking Up A Camera with Michael & Nelly from Making It Happen Vlog
Show Details48min 33s
Street Photography Advice from SixStreetUnder- #012
Show Details34min 29s
Fire Q&A on Camera Gear, Making money, Mixing Passion and Relationships and much MORE #011
Show Details32min 30s
Ben Thouard - How to BE DIFFERENT & Find NEW Creative Shots
Show Details24min 13s
Why Your Photos Suck by Pierre T. Lambert - #009
Show Details3min 35s
Sidney Diongzon - Tips to shoot in public, Building the Cheapest ND Filter in the world and more!
Show Details42min 9s
Jackson Groves - Advice on Being a Travel/Adventure Photographer in 2018 - #007
Show Details1hr 12min
Advice on Shooting for Other Businesses and Changing Career Path in Life ft. Ryan Wilkes
Show Details37min 36s
Do You Need a BETTER Camera?! Street, Gear & Instagram growth talks with Colin Ridgway
Show Details40min 49s
How To Plan for The BEST Shots Ft. AbstractAerialArt
Show Details44min 17s
Advice to Start Getting Paid as A Video/Photographer ft. Eric Floberg
Show Details36min 22s
How To Be Creative in Famous Spots ft. Benjamin Jaworskyj
Show Details18min 32s
Advice To Stay Motivated To Shoot ft. Sean Tucker
Show Details13min 30s