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Journaling interviews about society in everyday Nerd and Geek culture through the lens of Comics, Music, Nightlife, and Film proving through study that everyone has a little nerd in them


The Elements of Collaboration w/ Jerry Chatelain Co-Founder of E4 Comics and Creator of The Elements
Show Details39min 44s
An Exploration of Culture w/ Naseed Gifted Curator of Khem Fest and Author of P.B.S. Soldier
Show Details29min 33s
The Spectacle of Immortality w/ Brett Hillesheim Creator of Immortalis for Wingless Comics
Show Details45min 1s
Mr. T'challa and the Big Concern-A Wakanda Forever Preview and Introspective
Show Details24min 54s
Liberation in Anarchy w/ Braxton Cosby of Starchild Comics and Creator of Broken-Book 1 of the Young Hellions Series
Show Details41min 33s
Purpose Intertwined w/ Frederick Littles of Wise Acre Comics and Creator of Magnus
Show Details45min 18s
The Future is Family w/ Damien Becton-Creator of Worlds Away, A Sci Fi driven Space Odyssey
Show Details44min 9s
Power in your Broken Place w/ James "Enoch" Church of Black Minds Publishing-Creator of Immortal Dark
Show Details51min 23s
Zodiacs and Relics w/ John Robinson IV Creator of the Urban Fantasy Comic-Scorpio Vol. 1
Show Details53min 51s
War and Prophecy w/ Quintin Dorsey-Creator and Author of Knight of Abyss
Show Details36min 24s
And Justice for all.. w/ Brian Lambert of Wingless Comics and Creator of Nightfall and Justice
Show Details56min 22s
Pop Life and Magical Influence w/ Serena Sanchez of Magic Gal Media and Creator of Black Rhapsody
Show Details28min 57s
The Acceptance w/ Newton Lilavois of Dream Fury Comics and Creator of Kisha Demon Eater
Show Details46min 32s
Multiversal Chaos w/ Lawrence King of Constant Hustle Comics and Proprietor of Eviction Bellum
Show Details48min 55s
Sweet Revenge w/ Anthony Stokes Author of the Supernatural Revenge Tale-Decay
Show Details46min 43s
The Creators Crowdfunder w/ Jordan Plosky Co-Founder of Zoop
Show Details33min 15s
Tilting the Lens w/ Aaron Dowen of Catalyst Comics and Creator of Tilt
Show Details38min 37s
Spiritual Oblivion w/ Jermael Lessey of Konkret Comics and Creator of Absolver
Show Details46min 28s
The Cartoonist w/ George Gant-Creator of The Ringo Award Nominated Webcomic Beware of Toddler
Show Details35min 32s
Life after Adaptation w/ Anthony Piper-Creator of Trill League
Show Details56min 30s
Sci-Fi Intersectionality w/ Chris Moses of Red Sea Comics and Creator of the Saturn Effect
Show Details45min 27s
Build the Lore, the Comics will follow w/Braxton A. Cosby-Founder of Starchild Comics
Show Details48min 40s
Whose Batman is this? A spoiler Breakdown of The Batman w/ Darnell Hicks of the Partynerdz
Show Details50min 15s
The Closing Game w/ Jeffrey L Johnson Creator Ennead-The Rule of Nine and Brian Lambert Founder of Wingless Comics
Show Details1hr 7min
Digitally Stacked into Rent*Space w/Renton Hawkey Creator, Artist, and Writer of Ronin Digital Express
Show Details45min 50s
An Ode to the Anti-Hero w/ TJ Sterling and Newton Lilavois Creators of VillainUS: A Cyberpunk Noir Graphic Novel
Show Details1hr 1min
Starscream is the Greatest Hater w DJ Ben Hameen writer and Co Host of the For All Nerds Podcast
Show Details58min 45s
The King of Kingwood w/ Kingwood Comics David Crownson Creator of Harriet Tubman Demon Slayer
Show Details1hr 49min
The Land of Gods w/ Konkret Comics Daniel D. Calvo-Creator of Tenoch "God of Fire"
Show Details55min 21s
Building a Comic Monopoly w/ Godhood Comics Tyler F. Martin Creator of the Hit Series "The Antagonists"
Show Details52min 19s
Vocal Self Reliance w/Matthew David Rudd Of Jujutsu Kaisen, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, and Mark Millar's SuperCrooks
Show Details54min 2s
Gimme my Props feat. Corey "Task" Pruitt and Eli Johnson/Creators of Leaders of the Free World
Show Details1hr
Cosmic Immortality w/ Wilson Lee of CNS Comics and Creator of the Tol'Asha Series
Show Details45min 45s
The Wheel comes full circle..w/Onaji Rouse-Creator of Odina for Konkret Comics
Show Details41min 29s
What If? Ep. 5&6 Marvel Zombies and Killmonger's Plan
Show Details32min 36s
What If? The Broken Heart of Doctor Strange
Show Details25min 36s
Excessively and Openly Cultured w/ Erika Hardison-Creator of Fabulize Mag and the Crime Noir Comic Entanglement
Show Details45min 49s
The Broadening of Mythos w/ Greg Anderson Elysee-Creator of Is'nana the Were Spider
Show Details31min 6s
What If? The Case of S.H.E.I.L.D. and the Lost Avengers Initiative
Show Details28min 59s
Why Indie is Beneficial...w/Brian Wycoff Lambert of Wingless Comics
Show Details54min 55s
What If? T'Challa and the Guardians of the Galaxy
Show Details21min 18s
Marvel meets Robotech-What If? and Captain Carter First Avenger
Show Details20min 58s
The Right Director for the Job-A Suicide Squad Honest Spoiler Review
Show Details39min 22s
Finessing over Principle w/ Chatty Patty of The Black Ramen Podcast
Show Details1hr 14min
The Culmination of Culture w/ Hilton George: Founder and CEO of BlerdCon
Show Details44min 30s
Fantasy Concept and Creation w/ Jeffrey L. Johnson Jr. Author of The Ennead:The Rule of Nine
Show Details1hr 2min
The 7 Year Return w/ D'ante Colbert author of The Nekros
Show Details34min 53s
May your Direction be your projection w/ Jonathan Armour of Open Gate Studios
Show Details35min 18s
Castlevania: The Epilogue
Show Details24min 33s
Build, Adapt, and Build some more w/ Lawrence King of Constant Hustle Comics
Show Details48min 30s
Be Careful what you ask for?!-Invincible Finale Review
Show Details28min 44s
Lower your Expectations-A Mortal Kombat Review
Show Details26min 17s
ALL CAPS Webcomic w/ Troy Jeffrey Allen, Maia "Crown" Williams, Sean Anthony Mack, and Deron Bennett
Show Details28min 51s
The Ballad of Isaiah Bradley-A Falcon and the Winter Soldier Persepctive
Show Details34min 12s
What a time to be alive!....
Show Details30min 7s
Hometown Hero w/ Trayce Sands of Impound Comics
Show Details30min 45s
Unchained Creativity w/ Ethan Murphy of Echelon Graphic Novels
Show Details56min 55s
Elements of Nightfall w/ Brian Wycoff-Lambert and Malachi Bailey of Wingless Comics
Show Details47min 7s
Godhood and the Social Network w/ Tyler Forrest Martin-Founder of Godhood Comics
Show Details35min 40s
Because I Can! w/ Joshua Leonard-Creator of Team Supreme
Show Details31min 55s
Tall Tales and Legends w/ Grae Williams-Founder of Mayke
Show Details58min 11s
The Devils in the Details w/ TJ Sterling of Rae Comics
Show Details56min 58s
It's All Perception w/ Michael Simeon
Show Details1hr 22min
Y'all Hatin leads to Monetization w/ Fantastic Frankey
Show Details1hr 3min
The Rose that grew from Konkret w/ Lonzo Starr of Konkret Comics
Show Details49min 19s
Quarantine and Mary Jane All over the place w/ Acevane
Show Details1hr 16min
Fairy Tales, Fables, and Fantasy w/ Sebastian A. Jones of Stranger Comics
Show Details1hr 16min
The Grand Duchess of Tech w/ Tatiana King-Jones
Show Details44min 56s
The Archivist w/Joe Conzo
Show Details51min 9s
No Monoliths in Sci-Fi w/ Jason Michael Primrose
Show Details1hr 8min
Fandom has Evolved w/ Gervase Peterson
Show Details38min 22s
"You can't insult my Intellect" w/Denaun Porter of D-12
Show Details1hr 20min
The Collection of Vintage Hip Hop w/DJ Ross One
Show Details47min 13s
The Business Of Anime w/Ill Brown
Show Details49min 53s
Welcome to the FAQs Project
Show Details11min 57s