Geeking Cannabis

Cannabis is a medicine and should be legalized, but it is often misconceived. Join cannabis student Lillian to explain different cannabis topics every Monday and Wednesday with hour-long interviews on Fridays. Let's smoke a doobie and geek about cannabis.


CBD and Pets
Show Details34min 48s
CBD and Humans
Show Details29min 5s
Holistic Healing with Hayleigh
Show Details1hr 7min
Nursing Student's Cannabis Knowledge with Amber
Show Details37min 15s
Ben with HIV Undetectable
Show Details32min 21s
BC Wehman
Show Details1hr 6min
Cannabis Legalization
Show Details36min 39s
The MORE Act
Show Details32min 39s
Season 3
Show Details8min 31s
Season 2 Finale
Show Details3min 56s
The Cleveland School of Cannabis Director of Education, Lisa
Show Details55min 29s
Sustainability and Hemp
Show Details31min 11s
Covid, Bo Burnham, and Cannabis Part 1
Show Details5min 5s
The Effects of Cannabis and Mental Disorders in the Brain
Show Details30min 24s
Mental Health and Cannabis
Show Details31min 14s
The Hippy Movement and Cannabis
Show Details31min 33s
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Mario Palaggi
Show Details49min 4s
How Cannabis Affects the Voice with Michelle
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Musicians, Festivals, and Cannabis with Tara
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Show Details59min 7s
Independence Day Special
Show Details5min 39s
Season 2 Introduction
Show Details3min 49s
Season 1 Finale
Show Details1min 56s
The Cleveland School of Cannabis Director of Education, Nicole
Show Details58min 18s
What is SYUP and What is The Future?
Show Details1hr 9min
A Student's View of the Cleveland School of Cannabis
Show Details31min 20s
4/20 with Marissa and Yiss
Show Details28min 49s
Cannabis Cultivars
Show Details35min 33s
Medical Cannabis with Cheryl and Danielle
Show Details1hr 9min
Medical Marijuana Card
Show Details35min 25s
Cannabis Medical Benefits
Show Details30min 16s
The Future of Cannabis With Brian Adams
Show Details1hr 9min
Cannabis in America
Show Details28min 7s
Cannabis Ancient History
Show Details26min 36s
Episode 1 The Introduction
Show Details5min 2s