Maria Carrillo: Part 2: Editing True Crime

36m | Oct 1, 2023

This episode is a continuation of PART I: Editing True Crime. In this Part II, Maria Carillo gives listeners a chance to explore the world of editing true crime (or narrative nonfiction). Maria Carrillo has edited several award-winning projects. She's the former enterprise editor at the Tampa Bay Times and Houston Chronicle and, before that, managing editor at The Virginian-Pilot. Maria is also a board member of the Virginia Center for Investigative Journalism and the National Press Photographers Association and a six-time juror for the Hillman Prizes.

In this episode, Maria explains the significance of the editor-author relationship as a delicate partnership. She works closely with Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Lane DeGregory, and co-hosts, WriteLane, which covers the craft of narrative nonfiction ( Maria also edited the book, "The Girl in the Window and Other True Tales," published by the University of Chicago Press, and written by Lane DeGregory.

During the episode, Maria makes references to other editors and writers listed below:

  • Lauren Caruba of The Dallas Morning News:
  • Leonora LaPeter Anton (Pulitzer Prize winner):

Below are more links to articles or podcasts in which Maria has been involved:

  • True crime series while at the Tampa Bay Times:
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  • 55 Minutes:
  • Serial indifference:
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