Erika Weinert: Cursing with Style

29m | Aug 1, 2023

Erika M. Weinert (known as The Werd Nerd) celebrates the one-year anniversary of her book, Cursing with Style. The book contains more than 100 entries and is meant to aid editors in keeping expletives consistent throughout their clients’ manuscripts.

Erika is a line and copy editor with more than a decade of experience in the industry. Having researched more bad words in her career than she cares to admit, Erika shares her knowledge with other authors and editors—especially those who edit fiction.

In this episode, Erika explains how she started writing the book and what led to the idea. Cursing with Style is hilarious, easy to read, and ideal for anyone with an affinity for spicy language. This interview is lighthearted, fun, and full of laughter!

  • Cursing with Style: A Dicktionary of Expletives on Amazon:
  • The Werd Nerd's website:
  • The Birth of Cursing with Style blog post:
  • Oddmall's Creepsmas 3 event page, where Erika will be selling autographed copies of her book in November 2023:
  • My Word Publishing (the self-publishing project management and consulting service that Erika used to publish her book):
  • Ron Lamberson's book that is mentioned during the interview, The Poachers of Immortality:
  • Alex Galassi's book that I mentioned during the interview, Battle for Eklatros:
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