Tara Whitaker: Creating Community Among Editors

35m | Jan 1, 2024

What does it mean to find your community?

If there's one thing to be shared from my interview with Tara Whitaker, it's that there's power in numbers! Today more than ever, editors need to stick together, have more open conversations about what we do, and create a way to congratulate and encourage one another. Tara is pioneering a new wave of modern editors to create companionship, camaraderie, and community among editors. She is a book editor, business coach, and host of The Modern Editor Podcast.

Through individual coaching and her membership community, the Freelance Editors Club, Tara empowers modern editors to create a business and life they love. Her mission stems from a decade of work as a freelance editor herself, and a desire to change the publishing industry’s reputation for being isolated, exclusive, and unbending. Her podcast, community, and coaching programs have helped hundreds of editors feel a sense of clarity, belonging, and excitement about their businesses. Learn more about Tara’s work at, or visit to learn more about The Modern Editor Podcast.

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