Isobelle Lans: Embracing Instagram for Your Editing Business

32m | Jul 1, 2023

It’s common for many freelance editors to get annoyed by having to maintain a social media account because it feels like another chore. It’s also uncomfortable having to be "salesy." But maintaining a social media account is a necessary thing for everyone—not just editors. However, there's one platform that many seem to neglect, or think is a waste of time, and that's Instagram!

This episode sheds some light on an area that is unfamiliar to several editors who are avoiding creating an Instagram account. Isobelle Lans, owner of Inspired Creative Co. ( shares some of the successes she has experienced over the past few years on Instagram by connecting with editors and writers.

Isobelle is a UK-based fiction writer, editor, and book coach. At Inspired Creative Co., she helps writers at all levels grow, learn, and develop their storytelling skills through personalized coaching and solutions-based feedback.

She makes the whole process of maintaining an Instagram account seem doable, easy, and fun. Isobelle is also realistic in the way she talks about creating content on social media. We hope it'll inspire you to share more creative content with others!

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