Caroline Malloy: The Business of Book Coaching

33m | Jun 1, 2023

Book coaches guide authors through the writing process from ideation to publication. They hold writers accountable and assist them as they develop content into fully formed manuscripts. In most cases, however, experienced authors write in isolation, finish their manuscripts, and find copyeditors. In this episode, we speak directly to copyeditors who instinctively provide feedback to authors on how to improve their manuscripts. Even though it’s not asked of them, copyeditors might offer specific advice on how to better develop characters in fiction, arrange content for educational material, or pinpoint areas in content that seem vague. In doing so, copyeditors are leaning into the book coaching process, but are simply not getting paid for these services. They might continue and carry on in a back-and-forth conversation with authors, which is essentially book coaching.

This episode walks copyeditors through the book coaching process with Caroline Malloy, Ph.D.—a Chicago-based book coach who specializes in helping women write nonfiction (from scholarly to narrative to memoir) by providing them with the skills, strategies, and support systems to do it. From planning to pitch, Caroline helps women embrace being authors. Along with coaching amazing writers, Caroline puts her Ph.D. to good use as a resident historian with Viking Ocean. She also teaches indoor cycling and reads books on her front porch alongside her husband, Steve, and her two mutts, Boo and Emma.

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