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Dose of Support

Dr. Kasper (DNP) brings the interdisciplinary healthcare team together to swap stories, validate experiences, and share "self-care in healthcare" strategies. It's hard out there, so let's find some self-care in healthcare! Join us!

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60: Alive with Power 5
Show Details32min 34s
59: Celebrating Surgery
Show Details26min 49s
58: Money Can't Just Money
Show Details42min 23s
57: PharmDs & Allergies!
Show Details31min 16s
56: Compassion over Criticism
Show Details46min 12s
55: Brain & Buffers
Show Details34min 32s
54: A Little Debrief
Show Details10min 15s
53: Happy Lights
Show Details29min 55s
52: Absolutely Flogged
Show Details39min 38s
51: Welcome Back Dose
Show Details6min 42s
50: The State of the Podcast
Show Details18min 26s
49: Dietitian on Broadway
Show Details29min 58s
48: Being Britta
Show Details25min 52s
47: Arts & Cracks
Show Details37min 5s
46: Take What You Need
Show Details20min 21s
45: Kim's Spa Day
Show Details32min 4s
44: Buckets of Fun
Show Details26min 6s
43: Emesis Nemesis
Show Details29min 47s
42: No Dress Rehearsal
Show Details31min 27s
41: Real-Ness
Show Details16min 49s
40: Refill Your Cup
Show Details35min 4s
39: Crafty Chloe
Show Details34min 44s
38: Faithful Dietitian
Show Details30min 3s
37: Therapist Grounded
Show Details31min 38s
36: The Autoclave MVP
Show Details33min 24s
35: Developing Leaders with Dr. V
Show Details30min 55s
34: Feeling Salty?
Show Details29min 56s
33: What a Tripp!
Show Details30min 20s
32: Fulfilled Mornings
Show Details30min 12s
31: Family Matters with Dr. Garcia
Show Details29min 39s
30: Dislocated with Ryann
Show Details43min 6s
29: PharmD Affirmations
Show Details28min 24s
28: Social Work Salve
Show Details29min 53s
27: Pandemic Productivity
Show Details27min 54s
26: Holiday Retreat
Show Details27min 49s
25: Panda Express with Shukura
Show Details26min 48s
24: Diana's Catalyst
Show Details29min 54s
23: Jam with Julie
Show Details29min 56s
22: Thanksgiving Self-Awareness
Show Details29min 30s
21: A Dash of Dietitian Intuition
Show Details28min 37s
20: Paramedicine Abroad
Show Details25min 39s
19: Post-Election Reflection
Show Details18min 13s
18: Dispensing David's Rx
Show Details28min 21s
17: Psych with NP Anne
Show Details42min 9s
BONUS: The Weekend Retreat #3
Show Details26min 3s
16: Double Trouble with PT Kusterman
Show Details42min 52s
15: Say G'day to Self-Care
Show Details47min 47s
14: Alley's Dose of Rugby
Show Details44min 55s
13: Breathe Easier with RRT Joe
Show Details49min 14s
12: Presence with Chaplain Pike
Show Details44min 11s
11-2: Clear the Air with Dr. D
Show Details37min 30s
11-1: Clear the Air with Dr. D
Show Details1hr 3min
Episode 10: Music as Medicine
Show Details44min 15s
Episode 9: Well Adjusted with Dr. Annie
Show Details42min 43s
BONUS: The Weekend Retreat #2
Show Details23min 8s
Episode 8: The Last Responder
Show Details42min 25s
Episode 7: Emem's Dose of PA Empowerment
Show Details45min 54s
Episode 6: Finding Grace with Dr. Danielle
Show Details44min 59s
Episode 5: Ellie's OT Journey
Show Details31min 15s
DOS BONUS: The Weekend Retreat #1
Show Details19min 59s
Episode 4: Roll with Nurse Andrea
Show Details46min 56s
Episode 3: Dan's CNA Metamorphosis
Show Details34min 35s
Episode 2: Amy's Prescription for Progress, not Perfection
Show Details32min 22s
Episode 1: Alison's Dietary Dose
Show Details38min 37s
Episode 0: Introduction to Dose of Support
Show Details18min 55s