Episode 142 - Trump - Maui ft. MTN DEW - SovCits - PETE

Season 1 | Episode 142
1h 23m | Sep 12, 2023

This week we look at how fucked Trump is and how he threw poor Eric under the bus (who found it quite nice under there).

In Maui we look at the utter tragedy that struck the island and the incredibly dumb shit that cookers have created around it. It's a laser. Blue houses were spared. Mountain Dew tried to warn us. It's very silly.

In SovCits Jack looks at some sheriffs who (allegedly) don't mind kiddie fiddlin' as long as it's their guys doing it.

And Pete goes back on the radio! If you thought Kyle and Jackie-O were shit, wait till you see how shit Hughesy and Erin are. Wow. They suck.


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