#176 - Addiction, Recovery, and Drug Legalization with George A Wood

Season 176 | Episode 2
1h 20m | Jan 25, 2024

In this thought-provoking episode, Duke sits down with George A. Wood, long-time addiction advocate and author of "The Uncovery", for an in-depth conversation on the negative effects of drug criminalization and alternative approaches to drugs and addiction.

George A Wood is a pastor, author, and speaker. He is a survivor of multiple suicide attempts and today is a passionate recovery and faith activist. His books include "The Uncovery: Understanding the Power of Community to Heal Trauma" and "The Uncovery Devotional". To check out his books, coaching, and more: visit

Disclaimer: The content of this episode is for conversational purposes and is not in any way intended to serve as advice or recommendation.

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