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Turning down the noise of what we are hearing in the news cycle, social media, and the discourse while turning up the information on culture, politics, and the issues of the day with knowledgeable guests and grown folk discussion. Hosted by Andrew Donaldson.


Changing the Autism Conversation in Culture & Politics with Eric Garcia
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Australia's Covid-19 Lockdowns & Suspect Leadership w/ Emilie Dye
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Politics Is Faker Than Wrestling But Inflation Is Real w/Economist Jericho Hill
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The Opioid Epidemic: What We Should, and Can, Do About It w/ Dr Keith Humphreys
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Texas Special Election, Trump's Endorsements, & 2022 Midterms w/ Eric Cunningham
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Pegasus Spyware Scandal CYA, NSO Group, & China's Data Crackdown w/ John McCumber
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Consumer Choice, Biden's EOs, & Practical Policy vs Regulation w/ Yael Ossowski
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Big Problems in Big Tech & Government w/ James Czerniawki
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Cuba, Russia, and American Foreign Policy w/ Nicholas Grossman
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What's a Heard Tell and Who Is Andrew Donaldson w/ Andrew Donaldson
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Lawsplaining the Supreme Court on Voting Rights, Bill Cosby, & #freeBritney w/ Em Carpenter
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American Culture & Politics from a UK POV w/ Ben Harris
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To Believe or Not Believe the Science w/Scientist Michael Siegel
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George Floyd, Derek Chauvin, & Minneapolis IRL w/ Dennis Sanders
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Portland IRL w/Burt Likko & Tod Kelly
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Good For Your Mental Health w/Dr. Kathryn Gordon
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“Social media is bad for your mental health” we are relentlessly told, but is engagement through technology on issues like culture and politics really a uniformly bad thing? We turn to Dr. Kathryn Gordon helps us turn down the noise in the news cycle on mental health and helps us better understand questions like did the Covid-19 pandemic really bring about a huge mental health crisis, does political engagement and cultural debate hurt or help your mental health. She also delves into popular culture to give us some good examples of how mental health is dealt with in movies and TV shows, and some of them you might find surprising. 

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The Suicidal Thoughts Workbook by Dr. Kathryn Gordon

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40min 35s
Published Jun 15, 2021 at 9:05pm
Abuse & Abusers w/Jennifer Greenberg
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Risky (Cyber) Business w/John McCumber
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Glazed HIPAA & Bad Legal Takes w/Em Carpenter
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Elections IRL with Genya Coulter
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