S02 E05 Have Eyes and Not See?

Season 2 | Episode 5
31m | Mar 3, 2022

In Tobit Ch.4, I find some of the most profound teachings in the Bible. Using the prayer of Lectio Divina, here are my 3 key takeaways:

3 key takeaways:

  1. Faith & Tradition -- part of our call to evangelization: not only to non-believers, but also to believers.
  2. Almsgiving -- this is one of the main themes of the Book of Tobit. What are the Works of Mercy? Who should we model ourselves after in almsgiving? If almsgiving can expiate sins, why did Tobit become blind?
  3. "Have you eyes and do not see?" Mk 8:18; Is 44:18

Check out St Augustine's 'perceptive' insights in this episode!

The Bible I am reading from is the New American Bible online version taken from the USCCB website:

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