S02 E11 Money, Money, Money!!!

Season 2 | Episode 11
43m | Jun 30, 2022

In Ch.9 of this episode, we shall see that Tobiah’s “faith” in Raphael has deepened into “trust.” We also get to unpack some of the richness in signs & symbols in the Book of Tobit: 1) What does the marriage of Tobiah & Sarah symbolize? 2) What does the money in Ch.9 symbolize? 3) What is the significance of the seal on the moneybags in verse 5 of Tb 9? 

The Bible I am reading from is the New American Bible or the NAB online version taken from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops or the USCCB website: For the Book of Tobit, I also refer to the online version of the Douay-Rheims Bible – which is a translation from the Latin Vulgate, whereas the NAB is translated from the Septuagint or the Greek version. 

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